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Review: Exclusive Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary 6" Stan Lee

Written by Dan Hickman, Toy Editor/Writer

Welcome to the debut of Geekosity and thank you for visiting Dan’s ToyBox. Our inaugural review is very exciting for me as I was able to land one of these figures recently in a very unexpected manner. I ended up driving 45 minutes to the store it was at because my son saw it, and lacking the necessary funds, texted me a picture of the 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Stan Lee.

I’ve already freed him from his cardboard confinement and am excited to share my thoughts on “Stan the Man.” Let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

I honestly struggled with opening this but then my desire to have papa next to his creations took over and I’m so happy to have him loose now. Let’s get into some details now, starting with his accessories and overall appearance.

He is based on Stan’s cameo as the grumpy chess player in The Avengers and comes with a fold-up chessboard and Stan Lee- autographed Captain America shield. The chess board is a simple brown paint scheme with gold-colored latches. The board doesn’t open, but looks really good. The paint is smooth and there is no marbling visible. We’ve seen the shield multiple times before on various previous iterations of Captain America, the difference of course being Stan’s “signature.” The arm straps fit nicely on Stan and though there can be a little sliding down, which is easily fixed by hinging the hand upward. The paint scheme is applied spectacularly with no run, mixing, or bleeding from the signature into the plastic. 

The paint on Stan is absolutely phenomenal. Very clean paint scheme. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, no smudges or marbling anywhere. The skin tone, hair, and face look incredible. Hasbro’s use of photo realism on their MCU Legends just continues to get better and better. As I was posing Stan around, I didn’t see any of the typical scuffing that comes around the shoulder and hip joints. This is just an absolutely beautiful figure and accessories. I’m very impressed with the overall look here and what a terrific job Hasbro did with Stan’s likeness.

Stan comes in at just a bit over six inches tall as you can see below:

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Stan’s articulation is solid for a Marvel Legend figure and pretty standard. His head will look up just a bit, due to the collar on the back of his shirt and jacket, but it can look forward reasonably well. His arms raise out to his side at just about 90 degrees and his shoulders offer a full 360 degree rotation. Stan has a bicep swivel, double-jointed elbows, wrist pivot and hinges. He has a relatively decent ab crunch and waist swivel. His legs will do a roughly 90 degree split, not terrible for a man his age!

They will kick forward pretty far, he has an upper thigh cut/swivel, double jointed knees, ankle rotation and flexion forward and back along with a good ankle rocker.

Gotta admit, Stan’s flexible for an older fellow! That being said, I am super pumped to have this in the collection and at a sale point of around $50, I’d say it’s worth adding to your own ToyBox!

As is fitting for this review, until next time, EXCELSIOR!

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