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Review: Legends Gamerverse Iron Man Review

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor • Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasure is the Marvel Legends Gamerverse Iron Man Figure. He is part of the Abomination Build A Figure wave and had the final leg I needed to complete the BAF. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this figure after seeing other reviews, but I admit that I’m pleasantly surprised, especially over one SIGNIFICANT FEATURE!!!

Released as a tie-in figure for the Avengers console game, this Iron Man bears the likeness to his computer counterpart. He comes with the Abomination left leg, two pairs of hands (1 fisted pair, 1 repulsor blasting pair) and two translucent icy blue repulsor/jet blast effects. I am really pleased with this figure, for numerous reasons which I will delve into below. That being said, he does have his share of negative points as well. 

I am very pleased with how accurately this figure depicts the character from the video game. The colors on this figure really pop and I was very surprised at how much I liked it upon opening and examining. The figure is molded in a base red, which has more than its fair share of marbling. I can usually ignore it, if it’s not terribly prevalent, but my figure has major issues all over. His chest, back, legs, arms… just about every red spot has marbling all over. I’ve said before that on metallic armored figures, I do sometimes like the marbling as it gives an unintended effect to the figure. In this case though, there’s far too much on my figure to allow my eyes to naturally blend it in. That’s disappointing because the reds on this figure are vibrant and really look nice. The gold overlays are painted on and, thankfully, do not allow in red leak through.

My two favorite details though are the eyes/arc reactor in a soft blue/white and the gunmetal gray interspersed throughout the figure. These highlights really look amazing on the figure and the choice of the blue/white mix for the arc reactor justifies the icy blue look of the repulsor blasts. Speaking of which, even though we’ve seen this a multitude of times before, the repulsor blasts really look good with this figure.

They are in a translucent, icy blue/white and when plugged into the figures hand and boot ports really stand out superbly. For me, these effects really fit well with the overall appearance of this figure and I love the color scheme choices. Overall, the sculpting is very highly detailed and really gives the figure a blended MCU/comic look, which I believe the game designers were shooting for. My only other real drawback is that Iron Man kind of has a giraffe neck. His head sits up fairly high on the relative to the figure, skinny long neck. I suppose this was designed to help increase articulation… but nah. On that note, let’s take a look at how he moves.

Starting with Iron Man’s head… it will look up fairly well, which lends to some strong flight poses, he’ll look forward and down, but because of the angle of the skinny neck, having him look forward tends to give the appearance that he is actually looking at a downward angle. Not the best but it’s workable. His head turns side to side and has very little head wobble/”attitude”. His arms will rotate 360 degrees and the shoulder pieces are attached directly to the shoulders, which don’t limit rotational movement, but will prevent you from lifting his arms out to the sides very far. His bicep rotation is also limited due to the shoulder pieces. He has double jointed elbows which bend in, slightly better than 90 degrees. His fisted hands will also rotate and hinge up and down. His pair of repulsor hands… well, we know how Hasbro makes repulsor hands….

WAIT?!? What is this?!? His repulsor hands… they… rotate AND HINGE UP AND DOWN!!!!

Holy Cats! Seriously, Hasbro… you made HINGED REPULSOR HANDS!!!! (Was that so hard? Really?) The only BIG problem I have with the hands is that his right wrist port is very loose, which means that both his fisted and repulsor right hands come out very easily. They don’t necessarily fall out by themselves, but to change them takes very little effort and the repulsor hand will come out when I try to remove the blast from it’s palm port.

I am thrilled that something so simple was finally done. Now, you can have his open repulsor hands on the figure, in a flight pose, without that awkward frozen blasting position and man, does it look NICE! Thank you Hasbro, please keep this up!!!

He has a diaphragm hinge that tilts forward and back, and thankfully the sculpting follows the torso up underneath the hinge so there is no awkward flat edge showing. He has a waist swivel, which moves very nicely, legs that can do very wide splits, an upper thigh cut/swivel, double jointed knees which will bend back nicely and ankles that move forward and back, but have extremely limited pivot due to the boot sculpt. 

I honestly hadn’t intended to finish this wave, but when I discovered I only needed two pieces to complete the Abomination BAF, I decided to bite the bullet. I am pleased that I chose to do so, because even with my few complaints, I do really like this Iron Man figure and at a price point of about $20 in store, I’ll give him 3.5 ToyBoxes out of 5. Thanks for reading and check back next time when we crack open the toy box and bust out the Medicom Mafex HUSH BATMAN!!! Until then… GEEK OUT!!!


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