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Review: Marvel Legends 6” Spider-Man Retro Wave: Daredevil

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today we are going to bust open the toybox and dig out the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave: Daredevil. For as much as the retro Spider-Man is my favorite Spider-Man figure, Daredevil is my ABSOLUTE favorite figure in this wave. I purposefully waited to open him last but he’s free, so let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

Struck in the head by a container of radioactive chemicals, while saving an innocent bystander from nearly being hit, teenaged Matt Murdock lost his eyesight, but gained incredibly enhanced senses of smell, touch, taste, and hearing. He can “read” print on a sheet of paper with his fingertips, track a criminal by scent alone, hear the telltale skip of a heartbeat when someone is lying, and most incredible of all, track his surroundings with a “radar sense” that is even more acute than Spider-Man’s fabled “spider sense.” After his father’s brutal murder, Matt graduated from college to become an attorney by day, and ninja training by the mysterious Stick to become Daredevil, The Man Without Fear. Matt donned his Red and Black armor in the famous “Fall From Grace” storyline as chronicled in Daredevil issues 319 through 325.

Daredevil comes with two heads, a masked version and an unmasked Matt Murdock head, complete with red glasses Initially I thought this was a repainted Scott Summers head but upon closer inspection learned this is an entirely new sculpt and might I say it looks TERRIFIC! Daredevil also comes with two pairs of hands; one pair fisted, one pair for holding his billy clubs. He has a set of billy clubs that connect to form a longer staff, which we’ve seen a number of times before.

Additionally he comes with both a set of wrist holsters and a set of wrist holsters with the billy clubs pre-attached, as shown in the comic books. The billy clubs and wrist holsters are a beautiful silver in color and match up nicely with the silver armor pieces on Daredevil.

Daredevil looks absolutely spectacular! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this figure. All of the red armor pieces are SCULPTED in and painted in a deep metallic red. Both pairs of hands are painted in the same metallic red and the sculpting on them looks so, so good. I cannot get over just how well done this figure came out. I’ve seen several reviews and not one single reviewer could find any issues with the red paint scheme. I concur with all of them. No marbling anywhere, just a super tight paint scheme over all of the sculpted armor pieces.The glossy look against the matte black figure really pops and the DD emblem in black is super clean. His shoulder and leg armor is molded in a light silver, like his billy clubs and wrist holsters and looks very, very well done. I would have liked to see a bit more metallic overlay to it, but in the grand scheme of things, I absolutely love these intricate details to the figure. 

Daredevil stands at the typical Legends height of about 6.5 inches tall

Daredevil’s articulation is really good, especially by Marvel Legend standards. His head sits on a ball peg and both masked/unmasked versions can look up and down exceptionally well. They turn side to side and have a little bit of head tilt/attitude. The shoulder armor is relatively soft and allows for a better than 90 raise to the arms. Shoulders feature 360 degree rotation.

Daredevil has an upper bicep swivel, terrific double jointed elbows that bend in very far and wrists that hinge and turn on both pairs of hands. He has a deep diaphragm crunch that allows him to bend forward very far and backward equally well. His sculpting is consistent both on the front and back of his torso, and this shows when you bend him both ways. His waist swivel is exceptional and I was very pleased to see that all of my upper body joints were firm, but not overly sticky. His legs will split quite far, kick forward exceptionally well, and back to a small degree. He has an upper thigh cut, double jointed knees which will bring him nearly heel to butt. He has very good ankle movement forward and back and terrific ankle pivot/rockers. My right ankle was tight and had to be loosened, but after the hot dryer treatment, it works quite nicely. 

I really couldn’t contain my glee when I finally opened him up and posed him next to the other retro wave figures. Daredevil is an amazing figure and looks splendid when posed next to his all red counterpart and the Walgreens exclusive original yellow and red costume. I’ve encountered several copies of this figure “in the wild” and at the price point of $20 will be a very welcome addition to any toy box. I’m super happy to have him in mine and you will be too. Check back in a few days when we take a close look at another Retro Spider-Man wave figure, Daredevil’s greatest foe… The Kingpin. Until then… GEEK OUT!!!

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