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Review: Marvel Legends - MCU Deluxe Black Widow

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasure is the Marvel Legends MCU Deluxe Black Widow Figure. I was lucky to stumble across this figure recently, out in the wild and not seeing anything else that caught my eye, decided to scoop it up. At first glance, this looks like a great figure. At first glance.

Natasha Romanoff, as beautiful as a runway model and as deadly as her namesake, the Black Widow was initially introduced as a Russian spy and foil for the Invincible Iron Man. Romanoff eventually defected to the United States where she became a love interest to Daredevil, served as a member of The Champions, and ultimately became an Agent of SHIELD and a member of The Avengers. Equipped with her trusted sidearms, Widow’s Bite electro-static generating wrist bands, Widow’s Line grappling hook and her Widow’s Kiss instant knock-out aerosol, her unparalleled spy skills, and her deadly hand to hand combat training, the Black Widow is a formidable fighter for good.

At first I was very excited to get this figure. She comes with a huge amount of accessories, something Hasbro has been increasingly improving upon. She has a terrific display stand, several different sized pop in explosion effects, blue electro static effects for her wrists, two pistols, two hooked/sickle style weapons and three pairs of hands: fisted, gun firing, and gripping hands. She is also clad in her new white uniform, which has been previewed in trailers for the upcoming Black Widow feature film. Natasha has worn variants of a white uniform throughout her career, so this will be fun to see in live action. The paint on the figure is really clean and looks incredible. The small touches of red trim throughout, as well as the red widow emblem on her belt are very easy to see. Her skin is consistent on hands, neck, and face and her hair is very well done in both sculpt and paint appearance. Once again, Marvel rocks the photo-realistic features as this figure shares ScarJo’s features in very accurate detail.

The guns, sickles and holsters and wrist bands are all molded in black and look great. Additionally, the wrist bands do come off of her wrists (be careful when swapping out hands.) The electro shock effects are in a beautiful translucent blue and look really sharp, in contrast to her white sleeves and black wrist bands. The explosion effects are all molded in variants of translucent orange and yellow with red highlights and are all tabbed to port into holes on the base of the display stand. I really really like the paint job on this figure but did notice some blemishes on two of the hands. The sculpted detail on this figure is really strong. Her costume, boots, holsters/belt and wrist bands show some intricate detail which gives depth to her look. Overall, appearance and accessories almost make up for the garbage articulation on this figure.

As far as articulation goes… I’m not impressed at all with this. I feel like Hasbro hit a homerun with appearance, accessories, and display and just mailed in the articulation. Her head turns and looks forward just a bit, but will not look up at all, due to her hair. Her shoulders are a joke. I have had to heat mine up multiple times to get them to raise out to the side and am frustrated with how difficult they are to move. Her arms will rotate 360 degrees, which is typical and fine. She has NO bicep swivel and a single jointed elbow which bends about 90 degrees and offers very limited rotation. Her wrists will all turn and that’s it. Just very disappointed with the upper body articulation. But wait… there’s more.

She has a diaphragm joint that will pivot and bend forward and back to a degree but the sculpting stops at the point of the hinge, so when you lean her forward or back, you get this flat lip that sits underneath the upper torso and looks awful. She has NO waist swivel at all which precludes some great kicking poses. Her legs will do the splits to a strong degree and her belt/holsters will move up and down on her waist and thighs to accommodate her leg movement. She will kick forward  somewhat and backward not at all. She’s got an upper thigh cut which allows for swivel, double jointed knees which work exceptionally well and ankles that move forward, backward, and rock. (Yes, the old Marvel Legend ankle bugaboo was alive and well on my figure as I had to break out the hair dryer and heat her ankles to get them to work.)

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To say that I’m unimpressed with this figure would be a massive understatement. Yes, her appearance is exceptional and her accessories are abundant, but that is not enough to overcome her asinine articulation. I feel like Hasbro just looked at this figure and said…”Meh, we did enough, who cares if she can’t pose.”

I will honestly say that this is the first figure that I regret buying. There are many versions of Black Widow on the market that merit toybox consideration. At the price point of around $30, this ISN’T one of them.Thanks for checking out my review and make sure to come visit me on YouTube at Dan’s Toybox. Check back next time when we will crack open the toybox and bust out the Marvel Legends Deluxe WAR MACHINE!!! Until then… GEEK OUT!!!

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