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Review: Marvel Legends: MCU Deluxe War Machine

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasure is the Marvel Legends MCU Deluxe War Machine. I haven’t been this excited to get a figure, since I finally got my hands on the first Walgreens Exclusive Thing figure.

Holy cats!!! I’m sorry folks, but I’m going totally fanboy on this one. I am super impressed with this figure and am going to gush. That being said, there are a few issues that I have with it and I’ll share those as well. 

War Machine's First Appearance.

In Marvel Comic history, James Rhodes met Tony Stark in the jungles of Vietnam. The former having been shot down by Viet Cong forces, the latter as he was escaping from Wong-Chu’s prison camp in his prototype armor. After their successful escape, Stark offered Rhodes the position of personal pilot, which Rhodes didn’t initially accept. Eventually though, he came to work for Tony and not only became his personal pilot and chief aviation engineer, but also a close, trusted friend. Rhodey would eventually learn that his friend was secretly the Invincible Iron Man and would also assume that role for a number of years.

Eventually Stark reclaimed the armor and after being defeated by mercenaries hired by Justin Hammer, would develop the “Variable Threat Response Battle Suit” nicknamed “War Machine.” After thinking Stark had been killed Rhodes donned a specialized version of this armor, built specifically for him. Upon learning Stark was alive, Rhodes quit Stark Enterprises, resentful that Tony hadn’t told him the truth about his survival. Stark ultimately convinced Rhodes that his grief needed to appear real, otherwise people might guess he was still alive. He then convinced Rhodes to keep the War Machine armor, as it had always been intended for him from the beginning.

Right out of the gate, I will tell you this figure is absolutely, FANTASTIC! The amount of detail sculpted into this figure is astonishing. Like I.M. 2020, and Silver Centurion, he shares the base body version of the 80th Anniversary Iron Man and looks incredible. His boots, gauntlets, helmet, and chest/back pieces are new and look as though he stepped right out of the comic book. The black on this figure looks phenomenal and is so matte in places, glossy in others and compliments the rich silver paint of the arms, legs, face plate, and chest mounted uni-beam magnificently. The hint of red on his targeting laser, on the side of his head is just the right amount of color to offer a hint of menace to the figure.

I am just astounded, honestly, at how strong this figure is. I have not found any of the troublesome marbling that has popped up in other Iron Man figures and that makes this figure even more special in my book. Even just standing amidst other figures on my shelf, you get the feeling of barely contained power emanating from War Machine. He could take off and launch rockets at any given second! In addition to how terrific the paint scheme has been laid out and applied to this figure, his back/shoulder mounted rocket launcher and cannon are very well designed and sculpted with intricate detail. The mounts allow both pieces to rotate and slide upward into firing position over his shoulders, before locking back down into place on his back. The right hand/gauntlet has two smaller cannons which will allow some of the accessories to be plugged into. Which is a perfect segue into what comes with this figure. 

War Machine comes with two small blasts to port into his wrist mounted cannons, a rocket launch effect with three detachable missiles that can be mounted on the front of the launcher, a laser blast which ports on his other shoulder cannon, two smaller “smoke” trails to port into the smaller cannons, indicating he’s discharged those weapons, a blast effect for the wrist cannons that gives the look of multiple rounds being fired, his boot jet blasts, two stunning take off/landing effects that we’ve seen with Iron Man 2020, but painted absolutely amazingly this time, and last of all… an unmasked 90’s looking James Rhodes head sculpt, complete with the style hair cut and facial hair that Rhodes wore during this time period.

These accessories are nothing short of spectacular.

Firstly, the flight effects are in a deep translucent orange, but the blast effects are painted GRAY/BLACK at the base to simulate smoke, they blend into the jet thrust and give these effects a stunningly realistic look. I balanced War Machine on them and just sat and stared because I couldn’t get over how incredible it looked. The small blast effects are a lighter translucent orange that look really, really cool when ported into the wrist cannons. The curling smoke effect is molded in a clear translucent plastic that looks very realistic when plugged into the wrist cannon as well. Just posing him in a relatively vanilla pose, with the “smoke” curling from his weapon is enough to send shivers down my spine. The laser blast and multiple ordinance effect are molded in a deep translucent red that gradually works through orange to an off yellow and, thanks to the color scheme, really give the illusion of how much heat these weapons generate. THIS IS HOW TO DO YOUR EFFECTS HASBRO!!! Every Iron Man should have something like this!!! The rocket firing effect also has the smokey paint job at the point of attachment to the launcher and quickly turns yellow to simulate the jet flame from the dark red missiles. Rhodey’s unmasked head is brilliant. The paint is a rich brown, while his facial hair is not only jet black, but sculpted immaculately. His eyes are painted well and actually line up very nicely, which was a treat to see and his sculpted expression is the face of a man that you don’t want to mess with.

War Machine boasts the standard Marvel Legend Articulation and I will say that nothing on the figure has hindered movement in any fashion. His head will look up and down about as much as the 80th anniversary IM does, his head turns from side to side but has very minimal head pivot. He boasts shoulder pieces that we’ve seen before, which are soft and easy to move. They don’t hinder arm rotation or upward movement which is really nice for some of his better flight poses. His wrists will hinge and pivot, but he only has one pair of fisted hands. I had hoped he’d have flight pose hands but really, that’s my only major complaint. He has a very, very good diaphragm crunch will allow you to bend him forward quite far, but back movement is a little more limited due to his rocket and cannon attachments. The sculpting also follows the movement of the figure, which thankfully means no awkward flat protrusions. He has a waist swivel which moves nicely. His legs will do the splits out to about 75 degrees and kick forward very well, but not back at all.He has the traditional upper thigh cut, double jointed knees, NO boot rotation and ankles that will move down, not too far up at all, but have great rocker/pivot movement. War Machine checks in at just over 6.5 inches tall, well over 10 inches when balanced on the thruster effects. 

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I absolutely love this figure. I’m shameless, I’ll admit it. I’ve been wanting this one for a while and was glad when I finally found it. The deluxe War Machine comes in at a sales point of about $30 and all of the accessories, appearance and articulation combine to make this an affordable, welcome addition to ANY toybox!!! Thanks for checking out my review and make sure to come visit me on YouTube at Dan’s Toybox. Check back next time when we will crack open the toybox and bust out the Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Wave: Mysterio!!! Until then… GEEK OUT!!!

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