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Review: Marvel Legends: Retro Spider-Man Wave Kingpin

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today we are going to bust open the toybox and take a look at the Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Wave Kingpin Figure. I am slowly amassing the Build A Figure pieces for the all white suit Kingpin, but when I saw this version, styled in Wilson Fisk’s classic look, was being released, I snapped one up as soon as I could. 

Wilson Fisk… Industrialist, Philanthropist, Crime Lord. The self-styled Kingpin of crime controls nearly every aspect of the criminal underworld in New York City. His fingers remain on the pulse of crime and very little happens in NY without the Kingpin’s express order or consent. Initially developed as a foil for the Amazing Spider-Man, Wilson Fisk’s activities eventually became known to the Man without Fear, Daredevil. Over the years, Fisk and Daredevil have faced each other, both in physical combat, and in psychological warfare. Fisk’s greatest triumph against his nemesis came when he learned Daredevil’s true identity and systematically attempted to destroy Matt Murdock’s life. Daredevil recovered from this assault but to this day, Fisk remains a constant thorn in the sightless adventurer’s side. 

This figure is… MASSIVE! I thought that my Marvel Legends 80 years Hulk was big, which is to be expected from the Hulk… but man, when I opened the box that Kingpin arrived in… whoa. I was absolutely floored by the size of the retro styled packaging and immediately compared it to the packing for the rest of the wave. Just incredible. Fisk himself is exceptional, resplendent in his traditional white suit coat, orange vest, blue ascot and purple slacks. He comes with two heads, one stern looking, the other yelling and battle damaged; scratches, a black eye, just beat up. He also comes with his traditional diamond capped walking stick which looks extraordinary.

Fisk’s appearance is just something to behold. Even for an action figure, he radiates a certain evil regalty. Just standing on the shelf amongst my other figures, he commands attention. His white jacket and sleeves are immaculately painted and match very well. Generally we see a minor disparity when the sleeves are molded on the arms and the jacket piece is an overlay, but not on this one. The white matches so nicely that it appears to be a seamless transition between sleeve  and jacket. Fisk’s face and hands are a beautiful flesh tone and are very consistent with one another. His damaged head also matches nicely for flesh tone and the bruising and cuts are so artfully done as to look real. I give a LOT of credit to the artisan that crafted this particular figure. There is a lot of care and attention to detail shown to this figure and it is readily apparent to us.

Even the dab of bright red for the handkerchief carefully folded in his jacket pocket is visually striking and offers just a hint of the blood on his hands.His vest and ascot colors are a near perfect match for his traditional look in the comics and really give him that retro appearance vibe. The pants are a deep purple with almost no marbling, save one spot just below his right knee on my figure. The shoes are black and molded to look like a very expensive pair of men’s dress shoes. His walking stick is brown and topped with a gold mount for the “diamond” that carries a very milky appearance. To be honest, I was most disappointed with that. I had hoped that the diamond would be more clear and actually have a much more gem like quality to it. Given that’s my only gripe with the figure, though, it’s easily overlooked. 

The Kingpin stands at a towering height of just under 8 inches tall!

For a figure this size, one would expect the articulation to be relatively limited and surprisingly, it is better than I anticipated. His head will turn left and right and can look up and down to a minor degree. At first this annoyed me… until I realized that Wilson Fisk looks up to nobody. His arms will rotate a full 360 degrees and will raise out to his side nearly 90 degrees. He has no bicep swivel, but he does swivel at the elbow, which features a hinge that will bend just under 90 degrees. Both wrists turn and hinge up and down. Kingpin has a diaphragm pivot that will turn side to side, but doesn’t crunch forward or backward. He has no waist swivel… but with the size of that gut, it’s not hard to see why! (Don’t tell him I said that.) His legs will split out at about 45 degrees maximum. They kick forward a little and back somewhat as well. He has an upper thigh cut and another ball hinged knee that will bend to about 45 degrees and will also swivel. Lastly, he has ankles that will move up to the front of his pants cuff, not back at all, limited swivel, and hardly any ankle rocker.

There really isn’t enough good I can say about this figure. I’m in awe of the sheer scale when compared to other Legends and am just so impressed with his appearance. Even though the accessories are limited, they are just right for this figure and in my humble opinion… are all he needs. At the price point of about $30, this is a figure well worth adding to your toybox. He occupies a place of honor in mine, as befitting his status as The Kingpin of crime! Thanks for checking out my review and make sure to come visit me on YouTube at Dan’s Toybox. Check back next time when we will crack open the toybox and bust out the Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Silver Centurion Iron Man . Until then… GEEK OUT!!!


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