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Review: Marvel Legends: Retro Spider-Man Wave: Mysterio

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasure is the Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Wave: Mysterio. This has been an outstanding wave of figures and Mysterio is certainly no exception. I’ve got him out of the package and ready to roll, let’s take a look then, shall we? I’ve also introduced a new rating system for the figures I review, which you’ll see below.

Quentin Beck started as a wizard of special effects and stunt man in the movies. When he realized he wasn’t going anywhere with that career, he tried his luck at acting and when that failed (miserably) he decided to use his skill with special effects to forge a life of crime. Mysterio has long been a thorn in Spider-Man’s side as he has found ways to use his effects to stymie Spidey’s fabled spider-sense and chemicals to dissolve his webbing. Mysterio has battled the web head for a number of years and has also crossed paths with Daredevil on numerous occasions as well.

Mysterio’s only accessories are two translucent green smoke effects that can be wrapped around his legs or arms and look very, very cool. I’d love to see more of these effects in the future with different paint schemes for different characters. Other than that, Mysterio is designed in his traditional costume, complete with fishbowl helmet and long, flowing cloak. The helmet and cape are removable, which reveal a translucent green head underneath. The sculpt looks very familiar, but I cannot place the figure I’ve seen it on previously. If anybody has an idea, please drop us a message in the contact form below.

The paint scheme on this figure is totally STUNNING! The green costume features a black wash which highlights the sculpted details and looks so, so good. I would be very excited to see Hasbro do more black wash over figures in the future. This just makes the figure look so much better! His gauntlets and boots are gold and the sculpted detail on both looks incredible. The intricate designs on his gauntlets are accurate representations of his comic book appearance and the attention to detail is on point. I was blown away by the cape as well. If you look closely at the inside of the cape, you will see small, sculpted detail throughout, giving the cape a textured look.

For as “simple” a figure as Mysterio is, Hasbro’s artists have out done themselves this time. The detail on this figure is really well done. Kudos to the design team! The “fishbowl” helmet has a pearlescent translucent look to it which allows us to just barely see the head underneath and the effect is nothing short of spectacular. I am very impressed with what Hasbro has done with this particular piece. My biggest complaint with the cape though is that it does peg into a hole on Mysterio’s back, which causes it and the helmet to sit up higher on the figure. I’ve also discovered that it makes it more difficult for the figure to stand upright, as mine has a tendency to tip over backwards. However, if the cape is NOT ported into the back, it will cause the helmet to kind of flop around on his head. All in all though, I’m quite pleased with the look and feel of this figure.

Moving on to Mysterio’s articulation. The unhelmeted head will turn side to side and looks down very well, and quite far upward. The neck sculpt is definitely odd and looks skinny, but is hidden when the helmet is in place. His shoulders rotate a full 360 degrees and can lift out to his sides at better than 90 degrees from his body. He has a bicep swivel, double jointed elbows which bend in so far, but are somewhat restricted by his oversized gauntlets and wrists that both swivel and hinge.

Mysterio has a very nice diaphragm crunch that bends forward quite far, and backward very nicely, even with the cape attached. The sculpting follows the torso so when the diaphragm crunch is used, there is no discontinuity. He has the typical waist pivot, hips that can do very wide splits, an upper thigh swivel, double jointed knees which allow near heel to butt flexion. He has, curiously, an upper boot swivel which looks kind of odd and in my opinion is unnecessary and ankles that move down a great deal, but not forward much as they are prohibited by the boot sculpt. He also has good ankle pivot/rocking. 

Overall, I really like this figure. I have the movie version and am impressed with it but was in need of a comic accurate version. I’m very pleased with how Mysterio looks on my Spider-Villian display and out of zero to five toyboxes, I definitely give this a FIVE ToyBox rating.Thanks for checking out my review and make sure to come visit me on YouTube at Dan’s Toybox. Check back next time when we will crack open the toybox and bust out the Walmart Exclusive G.I. Joe Retro Collection 3.75 inch Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow figures. Until then… GEEK OUT!!!


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