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Review: Marvel Legends - Walgreens Exclusive Iron Man Silver Centurion

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this edition of Dan’s Toybox, brought to you by GeekosityMag.com! Today’s toybox treasure is the Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Iron Man Silver Centurion Figure. When I saw this as one of the upcoming figures this year, I went absolutely nuts. Couldn’t wait to get it. I went online repeatedly… but could never find it. My Walgreens didn’t get any in… and yet here I was, seeing all of these reviewers getting theirs. Kinda fried me, because it meant I would have to go through third party sellers and pay a ridiculous price. The action figure gods had mercy on me, and though I found it on ebay, I didn’t pay an arm and a leg for him.

Mark XXXIII Armor (Iron Man 3)

Tony Stark created the Iron Man Model 8 armor also known as the Silver Centurion as the next step in Iron Man Technology. The suit was originally designed for James Rhodes, but due to circumstances, Tony ended up using the armor himself in battle against Obadiah Stane’s Iron Monger Armor. This suit played a major role in the first Armor Wars, but was destroyed by one of Firepower’s heat seeking missiles. The Model 8 armor boasted improved flight systems, repulsors and Uni Beam, a disruptor field, a force field, and a chameleon effect hologram system which would allow the armor to blend in with it’s surroundings. Tony stopped using this as it had a detrimental effect on his nervous system. The armor proved so popular that it shows up briefly in various forms in all three Iron Man movies. While the Mark V in I.M. 2 is considered the big screen representation, the Silver Centurion actually makes it’s own appearance as the Mark XXXIII armor in Iron Man 3. 

I have to say that I’m impressed with this figure. There are some really great features and there are some really BAD features. So, I’ll attempt to be as objective as possible in order to give you, the consumer, the most helpful information in determining whether or not you want one for yourself. I am very excited to have this figure but am very confused about some of the design choices. He comes with the repulsor and jet blasts that we’ve seen before, and two pairs of hands; fisted and repulsor firing.

The Model 8 Silver Centurion sculpt is out of sight! This is a body mold we’ve seen before (modified 80th anniversary Iron Man.) The shoulders, back, helmet, gauntlets, and boots are new as is the belt design, to be more in line with the character’s first appearance in Iron Man #200. I love the cherry red on his torso, but you can definitely see a difference in shade from it and the rest of his body. His gauntlets, boots, shoulder pieces, and helmet are all just a touch lighter and, unfortunately, there is some marbling on my figure, front and back I was impressed at how smooth the silver came out on his arms, legs, and mask and much to my surprise, there’s no chewing at the joints when I move his arms or legs.

Overall, the look is very, very nicely done, even if a tad inconsistent. The repulsor/jet effects are the same that we’ve seen with several different figures, molded in a translucent yellow. Hasbro really needs to find a better way to package these effects though, as each of mine was warped and had to be heated up and straightened to be enjoyed. I would love to see more variation in the paint schemes on these effects. We’ve seen them in orange, blue, yellow, translucent versions… but it would be nice to see more of them with multiple shades of colors, like the deluxe Black Widow where the blast effects go from a bright translucent orange to a more reddish version. C’mon Hasbro, let’s make these effects even more stunning to enhance the already great figures you’re putting out. You’re doing it with the deluxe figures, start throwing those in with the basic figures and you’ll hit homeruns every time. 

<Insert Galactus joke here>

The Iron Man Silver Centurion matches his Iron Brethren in height as he comes in at roughly 6.5 inches in height.

NOW… about the articulation. I was happy to find that my copy of this figure didn’t have any stuck joints. I do need to tighten his ankles a bit, but they are, overall in excellent shape. But let’s start with his head. Yes, it turns side to side, looks up and down and has some attitude… BUT it’s on a peg and looks absolutely ridiculous in how limited it is when looking up and down. In fact, as you can see in the pictures, tilting it gives him a kind of “derp” expression, made all the more awkward by the lack of a NECK. So, when you look under his chin, you see the peg annnnd… that’s it. I’m not sure who engineered this, but man… on an otherwise very cool figure, this one detail sticks out like a sore thumb. Guh… take this back to the drawing boards guys.

Moving on… his shoulders will rotate 360 and his arms will raise quite far (nearly 90 degrees) with the large shoulder pads. They really don’t hinder arm movement much at all, which made me happy. He’s got a double jointed elbow that will bend in quite far and his fisted hands will pivot and hinge. Unfortunately as is the most common complaint… the repulsor hands are fixed in blasting mode and will only pivot. Ugh… C’mon Hasbro… these hands need to hinge up and down. Let’s make that a priority, huh? He’s got a terrific diaphragm crunch that really moves forward and back very well and the sculpting remains consistent across the figure regardless of diaphragm position. His waist pivots easily, legs will kick out to the sides as they typical Marvel Legends do. He has an upper thigh cut, double jointed knees that bend back very far, boot rotation, and as mentioned earlier, great forward and backward ankle movement and solid ankle rocking.

While I have a couple of complaints about this figure, overall I’m very happy to have him. I keep being impressed by what Hasbro is doing with Iron Man and this is no exception. He looks great standing alongside my 80th anniversary and Iron Man 2020 figures and I couldn’t be happier. At the price point of around $20 (if you can find him in the wild) or $27 (which is what I lucked out finding him for on eBay) The Iron Man Model 8 Silver Centurion Armor makes a very striking addition to any toybox. If you can get past the goofy neck/head engineering, you’ll be happy you added this figure to YOUR toybox as well.

Thanks for checking out my review and make sure to come visit me on YouTube at Dan’s Toybox. Check back next time when we will crack open the toybox and bust out the Marvel Legends Deluxe Movie Black Widow. Until then… GEEK OUT!!!

C'mon, Hasbro.


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