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Review: Marvel's Avengers (PS4) Avengers Assemble or Avengers Disassemble?

Written By Kerian Bugg • UK Editor • Writer

This is a Spoiler Free review.

After playing through Marvel’s Avengers and completing the main campaign it’s safe to say that despite it’s irritating loot system & repetitive gameplay, Marvel is on the right track with it’s game division thanks to it’s storytelling and characters.


The overall story was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. The prologue was my favourite part of the story, to me it was the most strongly written and felt like watching a MCU movie with Kamala Khan attending the Avengers celebration and you can’t help but geek out with her when Thor discusses what being a hero is about with her or when Captain America is expressing his admiration towards her for defending herself from two bullies or when Iron Man is just being Iron Man. A-Day excellently set the stage for the game with Ms. Marvel’s and M.O.D.O.K.’s origin, the creation of Inhumans and the Avengers disbandment. Having to reassemble the team one by one is rewarding and makes playing as each character you unlock more exciting and satisfying. But I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed with how short the main story was, I feel there was so much more they could’ve added to it but all in all the storyline is solid and does it’s heroes justice. 


Each of the core characters were all well written and had strong performances from a talented voice cast. What makes Ms. Marvel the best character in the game in my opinion isn’t just her charm and enthusiasm, it’s how relatable she is. Kamala looks up to the Avengers and aspires to become like them. But as the story progresses and you reassemble the team, you begin realise that she has not only become the heart of the Avengers but a true hero in her own right. Her story is told beautifully through this game and this  will surely get you hyped for her Disney+ series. The core Avengers consisting of The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America are all true to their comic book roots, they all maintain their accurate characteristics and have great chemistry with one another whenever they’re together (particularly Banner and Stark). They’re all voiced by some of the most talented voice actors out there such as: Nolan North, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey which makes these versions of these iconic characters all the more to watch and play as.

M.O.D.O.K. was a great choice for the games villain. Initially when he was announced I was sceptical as the character always seemed too cartoonish for a big time supervillain but this version of the character has completely changed my perception of him. His design is awesome, motivation to rid the earth of superpowers is believable and unique to this version of the character and he surprised me with how terrifying he can be at times. But I couldn’t help but feel he was under developed and rushed at times though and also overshadowed by Monica Rappaccini.

I would’ve loved more depth to his character but what we got worked well enough to make M.O.D.O.K. a great antagonist for the Avengers. With more characters such as: Black Panther, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Spider-Man and more on the way gives you more reason to check this game out and with how they’ve handled the characters the game features now it’s safe to assume that all these future characters will be portrayed and written with the same treatment.


The overall gameplay left me with mixed feelings, all of the Avengers are fun to play as thanks to their individual abilities and skill sets. The beat em up mechanic is satisfying and very well put together, I loved firing repulsor blast from air, bringing down the hammer and lightning, throwing the shield while smacking down soldiers and just smashing everything in sight. Plus having up to 3 different Avengers fight alongside you on the battlefield is incredible and makes you want to shout “Avengers Assemble!” But each mission felt the same as the last one just with different landscapes, even the side objectives are the same ones over and over again: rescuing a resistance fighter, defeat a certain enemy unit and find all the loot crates. It becomes irritating and feels lazy, it’s fun the first time but recycling the same missions start to get boring. Having to gather all sorts of different resources to craft new equipment and skins can prove to be real tiresome, it would’ve been preferable if you could either unlock them by purchasing them with just in game credits or by completing certain mission chain which actually is the case with some equipment and skins but not all of them.


Out of all of the superhero video games I’ve played since I was a kid and while it’s not perfect, Marvel’s Avengers certainly stands out on it’s own thanks to it’s feel good and engaging story, accurately portrayed characters by a talented voice cast and fun fighting mechanics for each of it’s iconic heroes. Marvel’s Avengers is an overall blast to play and fun game which makes you feel like one of earth’s mightiest heroes.




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