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Review: Neil Young - Homegrown (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

Who else in today’s music scene can boast of a career that’s spanned six decades. Let it sink in.. six decades. Sixty years. That’s a senior citizen’s age. A lifetime’s worth of playing gigs, concerts, touring, driving, drinking, drugging, writing music and recording music, and everything else humanly possible in between.

Forty albums worth, to be exact.

Let it sink in again. Neil Young has released forty albums in the span of sixty years.

Legendary albums, if I may add. It’s the stuff of legends.

Album after album of greatness.. countrified rock, acoustic songs sometimes just on piano, at times collaborating with other artists, but most of the time on his own. He dabbled with bare bones punk-ish rock, 50’s doo-wop and nearly failed playing with electronic rock but everytime, wrote a song against corporate sponsorship and stayed relevant through whatever trends have come and gone. Young has always bounced back with an eclectic mix of styles and approaches, keeping us rocking in the free world.

Homegrown is not a new album, technically. It’s a collection of songs he recorded between June ’74 and January ’75, right after his On The Beach album and just before the album after that, Zuma. It was slated for release in 1975 but was derailed by the album Tonight’s The Night. So, these are not newly penned songs but classic Young tunes that’ve been shelved for decades that have finally seen the light just last June of this year. It’s safe to say that Neil Young fans are in for a treat with Homegrown because the album will make your ears feel right at home.

Standout cuts include the slide laden title track, the heart of gold-ish White Line and the bluesy We Don’t Smoke It No More with some mean harp playing thrown into the mix. I expect nothing less from Neil Young, standing the test of time and proving that rock n’ roll can never die.


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