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Review: Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged Special CD Edition

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

Any self-respecting PJ fan has definitely seen this particular live set when it first aired on MTV in March of 1992 and also on the accompanying DVD bonus disc as part of the band’s deluxe boxset edition.

The previous year saw the band explode onto the scene together with stalwarts Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Nirvana in a four-pronged aural grunge assault. Their breakthrough performance on MTV Unplugged made them. It’s the major performance that pulled Pearl Jam from out of the shadows and hurled them further into the searing spotlight, electrifying the stage at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens and the world with a stripped down yet blistering 7-song set that lost none of its power to the acoustic performance.

Personally, I find the renditions of these songs from Ten to be more definitive and intense, to say the least. Their readings of now-classics such as Black, Evenflow, Alive and the riveting Jeremy affirm that Pearl Jam’s source of power is not found in the volume of their Marshall amps, but it’s an inherent and an inner dynamism that can only come from the heart and soul of their music.

The great news from the band is that they have just announced the upcoming release of MTV Unplugged for the first time in CD and digital format. A vinyl version was released for Record Store Day Black Friday last year, however this will be the first time to be released in digital form.

I know, I know I kinda dissed PJ on my review of Gigaton, but hey I just call it as I hear it. It’s difficult when you have a point of comparison especially when the point of comparison is as strong as this. Unequivocally a classic.


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