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Review: Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida (2020)

Written by Manny Pagsuyuin • Music Reviewer

This is revelatory, at least for me. We find ourselves pigeonholed with the notion of a band's sound or how they once sounded once upon a time. This is the proverbial crossroad I find myself in while listening to Perdida, Stone Temple Pilots' latest album.

Once again, we must bury the stereotype and go along with the growth of a band and its sound. What I like about STP now is how much they've matured as musicians and songwriters. The bulk of Perdida was written by DeLeo brothers Robert and Dean, the band's bassist and guitarist respectively. The placid pace of this album does not decry the releases that preceded Perdida, but moreover solid proof of the band's evolution. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the trademark chord changes presented in a subtler manner as heard on Three Wishes.

The album takes on a life of its own from Fare Thee Well, the first track, perhaps some sort of sendoff to the old STP sound, making way for a more matured and mellow approach. Singer Jeff Gutt who's been with the band since 2017 following the departure of erstwhile singer the late Chester Bennington who amicably exited STP to go back to Linkin Park before his untimely demise in 2017, is in fine form on this new offering.

All in all, Perdida is a cohesive, calming collection of ear-worthy songs, an album that will open the band up to a new fanbase and hopefully keep the Stone Temple Pilots legacy fresh, creative and alive.


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