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Scoop Confirmed?: Greg Berlanti to Produce 'Wonder Girl' TV series

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Wonder Girl is headed to the CW. Arrow may be cancelled and Supergirl will fly to its series finale, but Greg Berlanti's DC machine continues to roar on the network.

Dailyn Rodriguez of Queen of the South fame will be co-executive producer of this series which actually is not going to star the familiar Wonder Girl of the comic books, Donna Troy.

Instead, the title character is Yara Flor, a Latina Dreamer who is the offspring of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river god. So far, Flor is only recognizable from comics site headlines, as her debut in Future State: Wonder Woman won't be published until January.

Flor was created by Joëlle Jones, who also wrote and drew her initial appearance. She is the first Latina superhero to headline her own DC TV series.

On October 25, I scooped that HBO Max was planning on spinning off Titans' own Wonder Girl, Conor Leslie, into her own program on the streaming channel, also produced by Berlanti.

While this doesn't confirm that rumor, it is a Berlanti Wonder Girl TV show like I reported. According to my inside sources, that project is still in discussions, existing separately from this.

Source: Deadline

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