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Scoop Confirmed: Guy Gardner, Simon Baz headed to 'Green Lantern' on HBO Max

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For those who have followed me for a while or regularly watch the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, the official announcement of Simon Baz in HBO Max' new live-action Green Lantern TV series shouldn't be so startling. On October 30, 2019, I scooped that Baz would appear on the Green Lantern show alongside Alan Scott, Kilowog, and Guy Gardner (screenshot and video embedded below). All four are included in Warner Bros.' press release about the program. Not only are all four scoops confirmed but they are official now.

Co-created by writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke, Baz first appeared in The New 52 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition No. 1. Baz is a dual national Lebanese-Arab American and Muslim, a groundbreaking character in DC Comics. As reported before, Greg Berlanti is producing the show but any ties to his Arrowverse on the CW or the DCEU are unknown. I am told that this will have no connection to Zack Snyder's DCEU but simply a part of the multiverse; however, the situation is fluid depending on how the dominoes fall. Personally, I doubt it.

A number of people are asking about the absence of Hal Jordan. Suspiciously, Jordan isn't the only well-known Green Lantern missing from WB's PR: John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are not included, either. I revealed on September 16 that Stewart is headed to the DCEU, and his absence here helps to solidify my leak. In other words, they may be saving him for theatrical releases. As for Jordan and Rayner, people familiar with Berlanti's DC series are well aware of how he loves to world-build and introduce characters later on like Kid Flash on The Flash; Superman on Supergirl; and Batman on Titans. He is no different than the MCU's Kevin Feige in that regard. I am told that Jordan will appear on this show and it will be a gradual tease as this series isn't focused on a single ring-bearer. I am hoping that writer Beau Smith's wonderful run on Gardner in the '90s will prove to be influential here.

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