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Scoop Confirmed: Kang the Conqueror to Enter the MCU + LIVE LOTLB on Kang

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It won't take much time-traveling fuel to rocket back to February 10, 2020, when I scooped on Lords of the Longbox and The Cosmic Wonder that Kang the Conqueror will be the Big Bad in the next Avengers film. That scoop has now been confirmed.

Deadline reported today that Kang will be a villain in Ant-Man 3 with Jonathan Majors of Lovecraft Country cast in the role. Deadline clarified, though, that he isn't officially Kang yet, but that's what sources "close to the project" are telling them.

According to my own sources, Kang is still set to make his debut in the Loki series on Disney+. This could either be a cameo or just a reference to him. They added Kang will initially appear as Rama-Tut, as he did in Fantastic Four No. 19 in 1963.

Catch Tim Vo from Lord's of the Long Box LIVE as he goes over the news and adds some information below:


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