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Scoop Confirmed? Michael Keaton Signs On For Live-Action 'Batman Beyond' on HBO Max

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The Dark Knight will return with Michael Keaton.

I broke the story on June 24 on the Lords of the Longbox website that Warner Bros. wants Keaton to star in a Batman Beyond live-action series for HBO Max. According to a new report from Small Screen, Keaton has signed on for both The Flash film and the Batman Beyond show.

Small Screen writes:

Again, I asked my sources if they could be directly quoted and three of them agreed. The first person who came to me with this news said: Michael Keaton has already signed on to return as Batman in The Flash movie, and he’s just signed a deal with HBO that’ll see him play Bruce Wayne in a future series.

He would then add the show is indeed Batman Beyond.

I placed a question mark simply because this hasn't been officially confirmed by Warner Bros. but it's looking like Keaton is headed to HBO Max with Batman Beyond.

Original report: LOTLB.COM

Source: Small Screen


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