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Scoop Confirmed? The Sinister Six in 'Spider-Verse'

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When Jamie Foxx jolted Instagram earlier today with a now-deleted post stating he wasn't another blue Electro in Spider-Man 3, he also posted fan art that raised eyebrows. It was an illustration of three Spideys gazing in awe at his Electro.

To an info-starved and relentlessly investigating comic audience, it was red meat, a hint of a possible but secretly hidden cinematic future. That would be the live-action Spider-Verse movie I scooped in May. But it goes beyond that. Electro was a member of the Sinister Six, and the bad guys in MCU's Spider-Man movies have been gradually piecing together their membership, with the Vulture and Mysterio being the most prominent.

On May 23, during an interview with the YouTube channel Pop Culture Minefield, I revealed that the Sinister Six would be the villains in the Spider-Verse film. Here is the link to that broadcast, and tune in at 1:05:

Spanish Version:

Is the scoop confirmed? I placed a question mark on it for good reason. Not yet, but we're getting close, and those who've followed me for a while have known this for months.



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