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Scoop: Darkhawk to Soar on Disney+

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Darkhawk is almost becoming like the Great Pumpkin.

Speculated and rumored for possibly half a decade now to appear in the MCU, Darkhawk has so far been a no-show. Yet every year fans continue to wait for his arrival. Apparently, they'll be getting their wish soon.

A few months ago, I scooped that Darkhawk was being discussed to be Nova's BFF in his cinematic franchise - his Falcon, so to speak. I've since been told by inside sources that Darkhawk is in early development for his own series on Disney+.

A quick glance at Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ live-action series unveil a common theme, if you will: superheroes on Earth. As the MCU continues to venture into the cosmos, the same can't be said for WandaVision, Hawkeye, or She-Hulk. Loki comes close into embracing the hardcore sci-fi vibe but that's mainly time travel.

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Space, the final frontier, has been exclusive to the theatrical releases and the now-cancelled Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, there is S.W.O.R.D. but that will be equal parts mutants from what I know thus far.

So there's a space fantasy void.

Enter Darkhawk.

For years Marvel Studios has been conflicted about what to do with Darkhawk. Here's a character that can fit snugly into the dark and gritty; grunge him up and he can hang with Ghost Rider in the Midnight Sons.

But Darkhawk has real science-fiction roots. After teenager Christopher Powell finds a peculiar amulet, he gains the ability to mind control and trade places with a futuristic android, becoming Darkhawk.

With '90s nostalgia roaring like a runaway train, Darkhawk will fill that need. But Disney+ pushing forward the MCU cosmic narrative is what's really at play here. Because of the ongoing pandemic, it will take a few years for Darkhawk to take flight. However, unlike the Great Pumpkin, he is waiting in the wings to show up.



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