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Scoop: 'Darth Vader' TV Series With Doctor Aphra Rumored

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A Star Wars TV series being discussed for Disney+ will be on the dark side. That is, the Dark Side of the Force.

I had been hearing about a TV show revolving around Darth Maul for months now, probably longer. Certainly the Rebels animated program plumbed the eerie depths of the character like The Phantom Menace never did, making him a tragic figure. At first, it was being developed as an extension of the Solo: A Star Wars Story film with a Lando series, which I scooped before, but has probably replaced it as it will follow the same timeline.

Nevertheless, the interest in pursuing a TV series focusing on the Sith still remained. After Rogue One exploded at the box office, among Disney's live-action Star Wars offerings that both fans and critics agreed on was up to the standards of the Holy Trilogy, it became a bracing reminder of the gravitas and ominous power of Darth Vader.

Indeed, Vader's slashing cameo at the movie's end was like a boxer making a triumphant comeback even though it was a flashback sequence.

There are talks of Darth Vader having his own show, one that also delves into the world of the Sith Order. Such a series would be set after A New Hope; I've also heard Hayden Christensen could be reeled in, slightly de-aged via special effects for past sequences during the prequel era.

Vader's popularity never waned and actually received a boost from Rogue One. The show would also be different than The Mandalorian, giving Disney+ another Star Wars goldmine that will also entice old fans.

But would Disney release a series about a villain with no hero? No, of course not. Sources add that Doctor Aphra, introduced in Marvel's Star Wars comics, will be under Vader's employ while simultaneously trying to plot against him. Aphra is going to be an anti-hero in the grey area between good and bad.

The series hasn't been greenlit yet; however, they're talking about it.

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