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Scoop: DC Films Discussing Multiple Superman Movies

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The Man of Steel will be soaring farther than expected.

This is a significant update to my initial scoop posted in the private Geekosity Facebook page in March about Henry Cavill returning as Superman, which was covered at the time by various YouTube channels. Warner Bros. continues to rev up the DCEU. With The Snyder Cut waiting in the shadows, they are looking to proceed with films beyond it, especially if it detonates with their high expectations.

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What I'm hearing now is that Warner Bros. is not only going forward with Man of Steel 2 but a third Superman movie as well. The latter is particularly significant because it's looking like a trilogy, one that is rooted in Zack Snyder's first Man of Steel. Will they be delivered to Snyder's door, awaiting his embrace? I couldn't acquire an answer to that but it certainly raises speculative eyebrows. By a trilogy, it would mean all three movies are continuing a story line that begun in Man of Steel. Yes, Cavill is returning. On July 4, I leaked that an adaptation of Red Son was being discussed; the Mark Millar comic book is a favorite of Cavill's. But this is sounding more like a completion of Snyder's vision than an Elseworlds-inspired adventure.

As I reported in the past, The Snyder Cut is the key to the future of DC Films with the Man of Steel franchise at the center of it all.

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