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Scoop: DC Films Looking at Pattinson/Cavill Team-Up?

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Robert Pattinson's Batman isn't just about vengeance; he's also about justice. The Justice League, that is. Recent set photos of The Batman with extras dressed as Justice League members may seem like in-jokes or throwaway references, but they could also be teasing what was being discussed at DC Films.

On May 23, during an interview with the Pop Culture Minefield YouTube channel - see video below (which happens to be the same episode where I was first to reveal Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning to the Spider-Man franchise, months before anybody else), I reported what DC Films was planning.

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The Flash movie would softly reboot the DCEU, keeping what worked and aligning the new with the old. That would be folding Matt Reeves' Batman pocket universe into the DCEU, which will allow Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight to meet Henry Cavill's Superman in a World's Finest movie.

Warner Bros.' parent company, A&T, fueled by the Rock's passion for a cinematic universe, wants to see a Pattinson/Cavill team-up. Not fighting one another, but partnering like in the comic books going back to the Golden Age.

I'm not saying that Halloween cosplayers that are going to be onscreen for probably a few seconds is a preview for anything. But filmmakers, especially in multi-layered superhero franchises, don't do anything without a reason. The costumes reveal that those characters exist in that universe, which could be Snyder's DCEU for all we know already. I keep mentioning the falling dominoes after the Snyder Cut is released. You're seeing the dominoes. All it takes is success to tip them over; one by one, they fall.

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