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SCOOP: 'Deadman' to HBO Max

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The dead are coming to HBO Max.

In this case, Deadman, the DC Comics supernatural icon co-created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Carmine Infantino in Strange Adventures No. 205 in 1967. He is an integral part of Justice League Dark, DC's crew of horror heroes that J.J. Abrams will be unleashing on the streaming channel. In addition to the Constantine and Zatanna TV series that Abrams is going to produce, sources tell me that Deadman, too, is being developed for solo treatment.

It remains to be seen if this trio will debut with their own series before combining forces a la the Avengers in the MCU. Deadman is the most Abrams-like of the characters, especially with the potential of psychologically twisting story lines. Deadman was Boston Brand, a circus trapeze artist who dressed like a corpse, his face coated in pale white. Calling himself Deadman, he ended up becoming the real deal after he's murdered. Brand is then gifted (or depending on your perspective, cursed) with the ability to possess any living person by the Hindu god Rama Kushna.

Vividly illustrated by Neal Adams in his early days, Deadman became a cult favorite in the Silver Age of comics. He was an anomaly in DC at the time as they often focused on upbeat, brightly lit childlike fantasies while Deadman was the stuff of nightmares. Adams' realistic art made Deadman a spooky figure that became more popular as mainstream comic books became grittier and more adult.

HBO Max is stacking the deck with live-action DC programs to compete with Disney+ and their army of MCU shows, and apparently Deadman will be among them.


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