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Scoop: Discussions with Charlie Cox as Daredevil Expected in December

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When Daredevil was canceled by Netflix on November 29, 2018, The Man Without Fear became The Man Without a Job. But Netflix' two-year hold on Daredevil rights is about to expire and the character will again see the light of day, this time under the supervision of MCU head Kevin Feige.

Inside chatter about bringing back Charlie Cox as Daredevil will finally lead to a possibly solid foundation as initial discussions for a new contract with Marvel Studios are expected in December. These are just early talks so there is no guarantee an agreement will be reached or publicly announced before year's end. Nevertheless, the shackles will be off, and Marvel Studios can finally proceed with their new plans for Daredevil. Like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, Cox could be among the few actors to transfer to Feige from a different department. Unlike those two, though, Daredevil is owned by Disney except that his creative direction fell under the Marvel TV eye of Jeph Loeb. Sources say that Feige is more interested in keeping Cox and less in following Netflix continuity even though he did like the series.

Marvel Studios will regain the rights to Luke Cage and Iron Fist next month with insiders now revealing interest in Mike Colter returning. This is a developing situation.


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