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Scoop: Filipino-American actress Hailee Steinfeld to Have Own Marvel TV series

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Filipino-American actress Hailee Steinfeld will be the next Hawkeye. Of course, rumors of Steinfeld being cast as the female Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, have circulated so much since last year that fans have wondered when Marvel Studios would officially announce it already.

Steinfeld will co-star with Jeremy Renner in the Hawkeye TV series for Disney+; that's the old news. But what I've been hearing about for months now is becoming louder. Marvel Studios is planning on having Renner's Clint Barton retire from superheroics with Steinfeld being the Hawkeye in the MCU.

As a part of this passing of the torch will be the Hawkeye show itself. I'm told that Renner is only in the first season; beyond that, the series will belong to Steinfeld.

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Bishop is also a member of the Young Avengers so there's going to be a substantial amount of Steinfeld for Marvel Studios in the future. She's young (turning 24 on December 11th), certainly, and her career with Disney projects will be a lengthy one.

Again, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm Steinfeld's signing. I'm told it will be soon; unless there's some kind of last-minute collapse, she's in.

She's going to be the first Pinay to have her own Marvel TV show; as a proud Filipino-American myself, I'm ecstatic as she will pave the way for other Pinoys in the MCU.

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