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SCOOP: G.I. Joe to Meet Transformers in Live-Action Movies

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Childhood dreams don't always translate onto the screen with the vivid imaginations of youth, and nor are they simple to pull off.

Paramount Pictures has been attempting to recreate the beloved playsets of '80s kids since Michael Bay's Transformers in 2007. Once worldwide billion-dollar box-office juggernauts, the Transformers' record of critics' failing grades and fan backlash (especially among the older generation who grew up on the original cartoons and toys) gradually eroded the movies' popularity. 2018's acclaimed Bumblebee brought back the heart and sense of wonder missing from Bay's mindlessly explosive adventures, but G.I. Joe still hadn't gained back its Generation X sheen. That could change with the upcoming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins in 2021 with Henry Golding in the title role.

Hasbro has been in a will they or won't they mood with their IPs since about 2014 in regards to a cinematic universe; these would include not just the Transformers and G.I. Joe but, among others, the Micronauts, Power Rangers, and ROM the Space Knight. It's difficult. It may seem effortless from a producing wizard like Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios, but juggling several blockbusters as a cohesive unit is a tough nut to crack for its competitors.

According to inside sources, plans are again moving forward for Hasbro to expand its theatrical toy box after Snake Eyes. I scooped the Transformers teaming up with the Power Rangers months ago, and that is still being developed. One crossover that's been in limbo for years is crawling back to life: G.I. Joe and the Transformers. It was in the pages of Marvel Comics in 1987 when these animated favorites met and clashed. Discussions for a live-action version, not necessarily a direct adaptation of the comic book (and there have been several since then with other publishers), haven't led to the movie being greenlit (it certainly didn't help that Bay was reportedly against the idea). But that will change real soon. Such a meeting would provide both series with a heavy shot in the arm if executed well, not to mention a boost in toy sales.

One by one these related IPs will begin to meet, eventually leading to an Infinity War of action-figure collaborations. But it all depends on how successful Snake Eyes will be. If it clicks, there will be more than meets the eye in their immediate future.


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