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Scoop: HBO Max Wants a 'Justice League' Trilogy

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The Snyder Cut might be the beginning of a Justice League trilogy for HBO Max.

I initially reported about the possibility of Justice League 2 on August 29. Insiders now tell me that, if it meets the expectations of Warner Bros.' parent company AT&T, The Snyder Cut will give birth to a trilogy.

It's a case of falling dominoes, and where they land could expand director Zack Snyder's playground on HBO Max. Anticipation rides high among AT&T executives for The Snyder Cut.

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In fact, I'm hearing they are more thrilled about the future commercial possibilities of this than Wonder Woman 1984. That's nothing personal against the upcoming Gal Gadot sequel which will be released simultaneously in theaters.

But there's a huge difference between a film and a limited series on a streaming network. It's the shows, like Stranger Things on Netflix and The Mandalorian on Disney+, that truly expands subscribers on these channels; they become addicted to them, keeps them watching on a weekly basis anticipating the next installment.

Apparently, although I'm placing numbers on the Justice League follow-ups, they won't be movies. They will have cinematic budgets, but they are going to give Snyder the hours to let the stories fully unfold.

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What HBO Max is looking for is a superheroic Game of Thrones. Live-action graphic novels. When Snyder does continue Justice League, it will be in that format. It will give him space to develop Darkseid, bring Green Lantern into the team and allow him creative freedom. He can also push the edges without fearing a PG-13 will become an R, a no-no for mega superhero movies in theaters.

HBO Max would like Ben Affleck to remain as Batman for the whole trilogy as it won't affect Robert Pattinson's version in the movies. Eventually, though, they do wish for Henry Cavill's Man of Steel to meet Pattinson's Dark Knight.

It just depends on the impact of The Snyder Cut.

The dominoes have gotten bigger.

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