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Scoop: 'Icon' to Follow 'Static Shock'

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With the announcement of the live-action Static Shock film at Warner Bros. a few days ago, a pocket universe in the DC multiverse is about to achieve the Big Bang.

The early '90s Milestone Comics imprint of DC Comics has a number of characters that are waiting in the wings for the silver-screen treatment. With studios and comic-book companies championing diversity, Milestone was both ahead of its time with its minority representation and echoing what is happening today.

If Marvel Studios is about puzzle pieces, DC movies are about falling dominoes. The success of Static Shock is the first step in a new world. With power hitters Reginald Hudlin and Michael B. Jordan involved in its production, Static Shock could electrify the box office in a major way. So what happens if it does?

Sources tell me that Icon is what WB is planning to roll out after. Created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan and M. D. Bright, Icon is essentially a black Superman, a powerful alien who has assumed the identity of an African-American man. Both Warner Bros. and their parent company AT&T are excited by its creative and commercial potential.

Here's where it gets interesting.

In 2019, Jordan met with WB, Superman pitch in hand, according to Variety. In other words, a black Superman. Jordan ended up without the Man of Steel as he apparently didn't want to plan for a role that was so many years off.

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I recently leaked that WB is interested in Jordan for the John Stewart version of Green Lantern in the DCEU, and that hasn't changed. But I'm told that Jordan's involvement in Static Shock would bring him in striking distance to portraying Icon. Given that, for now, it would exist outside of the DCEU, only scheduling and interest would prevent him from doing both. He would be the black Superman he wanted to play before, albeit one that is long established in the comics.

It all depends on how the dominoes fall.

Original source: Variety

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