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SCOOP: John Stewart Will Be the Justice League's Green Lantern

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After years of having no Green Lanterns since Ryan Reynolds wore the ring in 2011 to critical and commercial failure, Warner Bros. is about to have a surplus.

Quite honestly, Green Lantern, for all of its flaws, was engaging pop entertainment; if Greg Berlanti's original vision for it wasn't dismembered by WB (a repeating story), it probably would've succeeded. But Berlanti has a Green Lantern of his own for HBO Max. I recently scooped that Green Lantern is being planned to join the Justice League in a theatrical sequel. No, it won't be Reynolds, who isn't in the Snyder Cut, either; those rumors are bogus.

So who is it?

As I mentioned then, Green Lantern hasn't been cast yet. The only GL who has been selected is David Ramsey, whose John Diggle was revealed as John Stewart afters years of fan speculation and wishful thinking. Ramsey will appear as GL in the CW's upcoming Superman & Lois TV series, another Berlanti production. However, sources said that he might not be Stewart for HBO Max, apparently. (The latter remains a question mark if it will be tied in with the Arrowverse as Berlanti heads both.)

According to insiders, the Green Lantern being discussed for the new Justice League is Stewart, with Hal Jordan remaining on HBO Max for now. I had this revealed earlier, but here are additional details.

Keeping in line with comic-book history, Stewart in the JL will be part of a Corps that'll include various aliens as well. WB is looking at the Justice League animated series from the early '00s as a model in which he'll be presented. In fact, it's the familiarity he created with the general public in the cartoon which made WB realize to utilize him for the DCEU instead of Jordan. Jordan will eventually debut in the DCEU, beyond HBO Max; in the meantime, it'll be Stewart's light to shine on the silver screen.


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