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SCOOP: Justice League Reborn in 'Flash' Film with Added New Members

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The Justice League will be back in a Flash.

As I reported several times in the past few months, AT&T is adamant about retaining the DCEU; this, too, has been stressed by The Rock to corporate heads as his Black Adam film is set to detonate in theaters in late 2021. Aside from the Snyder Cut finally being released on HBO Max next year, the fate of the Justice League hasn't been publicly revealed. According to anonymous sources, the Justice League will be reborn in the upcoming Flash film. How the team will look remains a question mark. The Flash, as played by Ezra Miller, is among the returning members alongside Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Green Lantern, yet not cast, and Amber Heard as Mera will be added, insiders confirmed.

Who's missing?

Although Ben Affleck will suit up again as Batman in The Flash, his future with the Justice League is murky at best. There have been discussions with him directing his Dark Knight movie for HBO Max, as I leaked in the past; beyond that, it's uncertain, and the Flash flick, serving as a soft reboot of the DCEU, could write him out of continuity, passing the torch to Robert Pattinson despite reports of his upcoming Batman movies set in its own pocket universe. AT&T wants to see Pattinson and Cavill team up for a World's Finest adventure, developing a much less hostile relationship than what was displayed in Dawn of Justice.

Then there's Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Fisher's bitter criticism of how he was treated by director Joss Whedon on Justice League and certain Warner Bros. personnel threw doubt on his future with DC Films. However, I am told that Fisher will most likely be back as Cyborg.

There has been talk of the Rock appearing in The Flash as Black Adam and Zachary Levi as Captain Marvel albeit possibly in separate scenes, sources reveal.

As for the future of the Justice League, execs are hoping both the Snyder Cut and The Flash will ignite interest in a sequel, which could either be directed by Zack Snyder or Patty Jenkins of the Wonder Woman franchise. Early discussions have been of the Justice League partnering with the Justice Society in a nod to their annual summer meetings in DC Comics.

Discussions continue on who else will be in the Justice League. Black Adam is not expected to be with the Justice League as he is being developed to lead the Justice Society. Shazam is another matter; there's been talk of him joining as well as Blue Beetle, the Jaime Reyes version.


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