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Scoop: MCU 'Wolverine' Will Be Rated PG-13, No R Rating

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While Deadpool's solo films are being developed to keep their R-rated content intact for Marvel Studios, Wolverine will be declawed.

Well, that is if you compare it to 2017's Logan. Seen as Hugh Jackman's last entry as Wolverine, Logan was the only time he received an R for Fox. Released after the R-rated Deadpool banked over $782 million globally even though it was made for the 18-and-up crowd, Logan was a special case. It was somber, adult fare, separate from the more crowd-pleasing, PG-13 superheroics of their X-Men movies.

And it's that connection which will have Marvel Studios reluctant to pursue an R as they will with Deadpool's own movies.

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Although Deadpool's next films are going to take place in the MCU, they won't be pushing an overall story arc forward like the Avengers movies, for example, led to The Infinity War and Endgame. Kids won't need to see them on the road to Secret Wars or whatever event films, especially related to the X-Men, appear before it. Moreover, Avengers such as the Hulk and new teams like Alpha Flight are planned to guest in the Wolverine franchise; those are not R-rated properties. The Wolverine movies are going to have larger budgets, too, requiring PG-13 to achieve maximum profits.

Regardless, movies like The Winter Soldier and Civil War proved that Marvel Studios could go gritty and dark without an R just as most Wolverine comic books do.


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