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SCOOP: MCU 'Young Avengers': Exclusive Details Revealed

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Marvel Studios is built upon puzzle pieces.

Beginning with the debut of Samuel L. Jackson in the post-credits scene in Iron Man, wherein he discusses "The Avengers Initiative," MCU head Kevin Feige has been simultaneously open and private about the MCU's future. Although there has been no official announcement about a Young Avengers project, it's no secret that one is coming. With Cassie Lang appearing in the Ant-Man franchise and Filipino-American Hailee Steinfeld being cast as Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series on Disney+, it's not rocket science; it's inevitable.

A Young Avengers TV show has been rumored for Disney+ for about a year or so now but details have been scarce; that isn't surprising as the series is still in development. Insiders reveal that the team line-up will consist of Bishop's Hawkeye, Stature, Speed, Wiccan, Miss America, Patriot, Hulkling, and Iron Lad. It will be faithful to the comics and the longer format will provide time for their characters to be fleshed out.

Apparently, they are planning on having another youthful Marvel superhero to make his MCU debut in Young Avengers: Amadeus Cho. The teenage Korean-American would eventually become the Hulk in the comic books, but there are currently no plans for that to happen at this point. Marvel Studios wants to retain Mark Ruffalo for more movies, including one with Wolverine that I reported last year. With Hulkling already on the team, two younger Hulks would be redundant as well. Cho is a scientific genius who will assist the Younger Avengers with his mind and high-tech inventions. He will be introduced as a friend of Lang's, sources reveal.

The 2010 miniseries The Children's Crusade is being seriously considered for the program's initial story arc.

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