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Scoop: Miles Morales Live-Action Films Given Name, Set in MCU

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There will be two Spider-Mans.

On July 4, I exclusively scooped on The Cosmic Wonder YouTube channel (video embedded below) that Miles Morales will spin off in his own cinematic franchise called Ultimate Spider-Man, based on his comic-book series. Morales may be the talk of the town now but during early summer when I was dropping one leak after another about Morales, it was radio silence.

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I am now told that the live-action Spider-Verse film I initially reported in May will end up becoming the Morales franchise. This accomplishes two major goals. First, it will finally provide Morales with a series of movies beyond his animated Into the Spider-Verse films.

Morales has been hot stuff, and he needs to join Tom Holland's Spider-Man on the silver screen while keeping him as well. Best of both worlds. Secondly, calling them Spider-Verse films will lessen any confusion with the Holland Spider-Man movies and they'll be branded with a familiar title as well.

Will Kevin Feige produce them, though?

I am told that is the plan as both Disney and Sony would like a few MCU superheroes to meet the new kid on the block.

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