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Scoop: Miles Morales to Join MCU Superhero Team

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Given that there will be two Spider-Mans, that's enough for two Avengers.

Although the Young Avengers Disney+ TV series hasn't been officially announced yet, it has been hiding in plain sight for over a year now. There was some speculation that, given his age, Tom Holland's Spider-Man would transfer to them. Not the case. Holland is with the major-league team. As I leaked in my recent Miles Morales report, Sony and Disney are planning on a cinematic franchise for him, one that will include guest appearances from MCU stars. And those will be characters closer to his age.

As I asked our good friends The Cosmic Wonder YouTube channel to drop exclusively this morning, Morales will meet and be recruited by the Young Avengers. Discussions are for him to join the Young Avengers and be the Spider-Man in their theatrical film when they make the leap from Disney+ to the cinemas. Most likely, too, those members will be selected to appear in his solo movies.

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