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Scoop: Morbius Vs. Blade in 'Midnight Sons'

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It's been over a year since Disney and Sony reached a new agreement for Spider-Man to be shared by both companies in theatrical films.

It my September 30 report, I discussed the possibility of Morbius and Venom joining MCU's Midnight Sons with Ghost Rider and Blade. But what happens when a blood sucker meets a dark hero who kills blood suckers? Rumors now abound of a different kind of team-up between Sony's Spider-Verse and Disney's MCU. There have been discussions of Morbius crossing over into an MCU production. Marvel Studios is thrilled at an ensuing conflict between Blade and Morbius.

With Marvel Studios always wanting to keep the material fresh, Blade stalking Morbius is an explosive, gripping plot device; having them forced to work together will create a palpable tension that not only screams mega box office but artistic heights as well. Sources indicate that both Marvel Studios and Sony want to boost the terrifying sides of their particular universes. Venom was a huge success for Sony, and they have confidence in the sequel, Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius, taking off in a similar fashion. For Disney, they want to launch an R-rated line of MCU films under the 20th Century Studios banner, and the gritty horror of the Midnight Sons could be the bleak underbelly of the Avengers they have been missing. Morbius and perhaps even Venom in the Midnight Sons could be that side's version of the Spider-Man partnership.

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