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SCOOP: Nova to be Avengers' Breakout Star

The Human Rocket will not be alone. Being discussed to make his explosive debut in Captain Marvel 2, Richard Rider will be recruited by Nick Fury to join the Avengers.

As I scooped several months ago, it is Fury who is training Rider in space as part of S.W.O.R.D. With the Avengers facing increasingly cosmic bad guys - Galactus is on the way - they will need somebody of his extraterrestrial firepower. Currently, the plan is to have Nova join a revamped Avengers. In an earlier leak, I revealed that Kang the Conqueror is being planned to be the main villain in the next Avengers epic. This would position newcomer Nova against one of Marvel's greatest villains immediately, which is similar to how his future buddy Spider-Man faced Thanos right after the Vulture.

Nova's membership in the Avengers unveils how much potential Marvel Studios sees in the character. Sometimes compared to Green Lantern mainly because of the Nova Corps., Nova was actually originally conceived as the Spider-Man of the '70s, an outer space Spider-Man, that is.

The Avengers will make him a breakout star.


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