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SCOOP: Power Girl is Flying to the CW

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

Kara Zor-L, meet Kara Zor-El. Power Girl is flying to the CW.

Power Girl has been discussed at the network for several years now; by my records, I initially scooped her arrival, secretly, in 2015. But insiders are telling me that those talks are getting serious with Power Girl making her debut on Supergirl. No casting has been done yet.

There's a blonde actress that I think looks remarkably like PG but I won't include it here in case I am click-baited for it. How they will fit PG in current post-Crisis continuity will be interesting as she is from an alternate Earth and also Superman's cousin like Supergirl. Of course, the question many of you will be asking is if they will faithfully adapt her costume. Will this be PG - or PG-13?

Previously, PG was being talked about for a live-action Kingdom Come on HBO Max, and that hasn't been tossed out, either. Most likely, PG will debut on Supergirl, maybe by next season.


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