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SCOOP: Sony's Spider-Verse Films Set in the MCU

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He may be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but his neighborhood is about to expand.

Ever since Sony and Disney reached a new agreement for Spider-Man to be shared cinematically by both companies in September 2019, the future has been a gradual tease.

Certainly, the initial upcoming films are out in the open: the Jared Leto vampire horror heroics of Morbius; Venom: Let There Be Carnage (whose title is meant to echo the longer ones in the MCU's Phase Four); and the as-yet untitled third Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland. Shrouded in mystery is the Olivia Wilde female-fronted Spider-Verse spin-off film rumored to be Spider-Woman. The bigger question still looms overhead:

Are any of the next Sony movies set in the MCU?

The hints have been everywhere, and they are not subtle: Michael Keaton reappearing in his Spider-Man: Homecoming prison garb in the Morbius trailer and J.K. Simmons as the now MCU J. Jonah Jameson in the aforementioned film. Then Wilde suggesting she's answering to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige in an interview.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and this one's a scorcher.

And, according to a source, they will exist in the same universe but there will be a "twist." The Spider-Man spin-offs will connect with Marvel Studios' Spider-Man pictures, which are set in the MCU. So, technically, they are in the MCU but they will not affect any of the MCU story arcs unless Feige is producing.

Originally, I was told that Sony's Spider-Verse will be part of the MCU multi-verse that characters from both companies can cross over into on specific projects. I have a difficult time accepting that Feige would allow anyone else on his real estate without his presence. Then again, it's unknown what everything was in that new blood pact between Sony and Disney.

Besides the live-action Into the Spider-Verse movie that I reported before, there has been gossip about Venom and Morbius possibly being attached to the Midnight Sons, which I just leaked to the Everything Always YouTube channel. Tom Hardy is apparently not signed for a fourth Venom film should the franchise be successful enough to earn one. If Hardy becoming James Bond is accurate, he'd probably exit after the third; after that, Feige could make a deal to use Venom for the Midnight Sons, give him a different host (there have been others in Marvel Comics besides Eddie Brock) and align his origin closer to its comic-book roots. There has also been whispers of Spider-Woman joining the Avengers or even Silk meeting the Young Avengers. If accurate, the possibilities are endless.

Sony and Disney are just beginning.


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