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Scoop: Spider-Man/Deadpool Team-Up Film Being Discussed

Written By Mikey Sutton • Editor-in-Chief • Owner

The partnership between Sony and Disney will continue to unveil blockbuster projects that are going to fulfill the wildest of fan fantasies.

And the funniest.

Insiders tell me that both companies are ecstatic about the idea of a buddy movie with Spider-Man and Deadpool. I reported in 2019 that Disney is planning on releasing more films in a Marvel Team-Up format. For those unfamiliar with it, Marvel Team-Up was a comic-book series that debuted in 1972; most of the issues featured Spider-Man with a different Marvel guest star. Marvel Studios would like to continually pair up its characters, which we're about to see in Spider-Man with Doctor Strange. Discussions continue about the future of Deadpool in the MCU. As I've maintained since last year, Deadpool will be rated R in his solo movies, but he's going to be PG-13 beyond that. And among those PG-13 films will be a film where he collides with Spider-Man.

No filmmakers are attached yet, and this certainly won't be Spider-Man 3. Nevertheless, Sony and Disney see comedic and commercial gold in seeing Tom Holland's Spider-Man tangling with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool; in fact, that perhaps is even more anticipated than Reynolds sharing the screen with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. With Spider-Man 3 set to become the darkest of the MCU's Spidey movies, such a film would be its hilarious antithesis.


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