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SCOOP: 'Spider-Verse' Live-Action Film Going Forward

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The web of Spider-Man continues to grow.

With the casting of Jamie Foxx as Electro in the third Spider-Man movie, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the likelihood of a live-action Spider-Verse film is quickly becoming reality. In May, I scooped that former Spidey Tobey Maguire was being discussed to meet the current web-slinger Tom Holland in such a project. It was being planned that Maguire would die and be replaced with Miles Morales in that particular universe. Another ex-Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, was set to join them. Geekosity Magazine wasn't alive yet then but several YouTube channels and other sites carried my leaks. One of them, IMDb, is included below.

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While it hasn't been confirmed which version of Electro Jamie Foxx will play, the hints of that Spider-Verse movie are piling up, especially with J.K. Simmons from the Sony films returning as J. Jonah Jameson in the MCU. According to sources, the live-action Spider-Verse is moving forward beyond the initial talks. Marvel Studios is interested in having Sam Raimi, Sony's original Spider-Man movie, to direct but this is still quite early.

I scooped yesterday that the Sony Spider-Man spin-offs will all be set in the same universe going forward; in other words, they're all in the MCU. To add, Kevin Feige will be heavily consulting on their Spider-Man movies to make sure there's a seamless connection as well as a standard of quality. The Spider-Verse film could be Sony's way of saying goodbye to the past with everything in the MCU from now on.

My original scoop: IMDB

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T-Vo of Lords of the Long Box as dropped the news on his channel at the same time as we reported:

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