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SCOOP: 'Spider-Woman' Might Be Set in the MCU

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The relationship between Sony and Disney regarding the Spider-Verse continues to be a tangled web. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing; it's just complicated. And both companies have proven they can weave through any obstacles.

When Deadline revealed that Olivia Wilde will be directing a female-led Spider-Verse film a few weeks ago, questions popped to the surface. If this picture is about Spider-Woman, as they added, which one will it be? After all, there have been a number of them in Marvel Comics. The answer should be simple: Jessica Drew, who is the original and most well-known version of the character. But the film rights to Drew are shared between Sony and Disney. Sony can produce a Spider-Woman movie with Drew; however, she will be Drew in name only, for the most part, absent of her roots with the High Evolutionary, HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D., all of which are the properties of Disney. On the other hand, Marvel Studios can freely utilize Drew any time they want without Sony's approval; she just can't be Spider-Woman.

Given that both scenarios remove much of Spider-Woman's appeal, sources indicate that Sony and Disney have discussed collaborating on the film similar to Tom Holland's Spider-Man. While there is no confirmation that a deal was secured, insiders stress that talks did happen; the uncertainty is how or if they concluded. One source is confident that Spider-Woman will end up in the MCU as Kevin Feige thinks highly of the character, especially since she was an integral part of Secret Invasion, which Marvel Studios is adapting in Captain Marvel 2.

In other Spider-Verse news, similar questions were also raised about the Silk TV show. Will that be in the MCU? Currently, no. But Deadline also reported of "complicated web of multi-platform rights for the various characters" in regards to Silk being streamed on Amazon. Those phantom legal issues are related to Disney, I am told. So while Silk isn't being planned for the MCU for the moment, that might change as well.

This scoop first appeared on Lord's of the Long Box with Tim Vo. He elaborates more on the scoop. Watch the video below:


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