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Scoop: Warner Bros. Wants Timothée Chalamet for 'Batman Beyond'

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Timothée Chalamet might be the Batman Beyond Warner Bros. is looking for.

Small Screen recently published a report that Warner Bros. is using Chalamet as the standard in casting the role. I can corroborate this with my own sources who have informed me that he is who they want.

Chalamet is turning 25 next month so he's somewhat older than Terry McGinnis in the animated series. However, his acting skills (he'll be co-starring with Michael Keaton as an aging Batman) and rising star status would ignite tremendous excitement in the project. I initially scooped Batman Beyond in June.

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At the time, it was being developed for HBO Max. Since then, AT&T has seen greater potential for the property and a theatrical franchise is being discussed. If Chalamet is cast, that is likely the path Warner Bros. will pursue.

In his article for Small Screen, Edward Lauder explained that Chalamet's hectic schedule might prove to be a difficult hurdle to overcome, and insiders tell me the same.

Reference: Small Screen


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