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Sean Connery 1930-2020: A Tribute

Written By Geekosity Staff

Portrait by Maria Tsareva (Link below)

"Sean Connery wasn't my first James Bond; that would be Roger Moore, who became my favorite actor in the role. Connery didn't land on my radar until 1981's science-fiction Western Outland, and it's the film that I most remember him for. Completely underrated and almost lost in Connery's vast, impressive body of work. It was almost like a Mandalorian for its time, and Connery's screen presence ignited every scene he was in"

- Mikey Sutton, Editor-In-Chief/Owner

"From dashing secret agent to cunning submarine captain, Sean Connery kept us on the edge of our seats. His sophistication, wit, charm, and charisma captivated us no matter the role he played. As Captain Marko Ramius, he convinced an audience of movie goers that he fully intended to defect to the United States in a stolen Soviet submarine. His cool and cunning cat and mouse game with the Soviet and American navies kept us enthralled and cheering for his success as he stealthily made his way undetected (or so he thought) to safety and political asylum. We are in a sadder place today as we remember, fondly, Sean Connery, and place him in our pantheon of those iconic stars that have left us this year. Rest in peace, Mr. Connery."

- Dan Hickman, Toy Editor

"Sean Connery's James Bond is the quintessential version all Bond fans look up to. He set pace all actors who took the role strive to beat or match, from his first appearance in Dr. No to the spy vs. spy thriller of From Russia with Love to the almost heist movie feel of Goldfinger to the thriller Thunderball to the almost sci-fi film of You Only Live Twice to the final appearance of SPECTRE in Diamonds Are Forever. He was also in Never Say Never Again, an unauthorized James Bond film whose rights later reverted to EON productions. Echoes of his Bond character would echo in The Russia House, one of the first movies shot in the collapsing Soviet Union and The Rock where he played a James Bond character imprisoned in Alcatraz who fought to save San Francisco. Thank you for the movie memories. Vaya Con Dios Mr. Connery."

- Claude David Ambion, Retro Editor

"I first saw Sean Connery as Professor Henry Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I was a kid and he still is to this day my favorite character in the franchise besides Indy himself. His entrance and overall presence in the movie still makes me smile thanks to his charming, humorous performance and infectious cheery attitude. The father/son chemistry between him and Harrison Ford make the movie stand out in the overall trilogy and made Indy a more relatable hero thanks to Connery."

- Kerian Bugg, U.K. Editor

"I, like many others, grew up watching Sean Connery and believing him to be the embodiment of style. Bond. Highlander. Henry Jones Sr. These were all characters that helped define cinema. For me his stand out role was The Rock. I was a teenager when that movie hit cinemas, and Connery was the coolest thing ever. It was like watching an old, grizzled Bond complete one last mission. To this day I still quote the film, and I appreciate it immensely. When he left acting after The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen it was a shame. His presence has never left Hollywood in his retirement. And in his passing we can only hope to carry the torch of "cool" to the next generation. Thank you for all you did for cinema, Sir Sean. You will be missed."

- Matt Jarbo, Star Wars Editor

"Growing up I saw in TV and in movies what coolness was like in worlds I could only imagine. But Sean Connery taught us how to be cool in a world like the one we actually lived in. He played gentlemen who upheld the forces of good, but still knew how to have fun, living with style and class even when facing failure. He was my gateway to learning about other countries, cars, firearms, genres of music, technology, beautiful women, and my own Scottish/U.K. heritage. He taught me that determination, wit and composure were more important than brute force. He was the adult alternative to the hapless sitcom beta male. It’s only fitting he played movie mentors to the likes of Highlander, Indiana Jones, and Elliott Ness. The first time I saw Connery was likely in a theatrical re-release of Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People (which still holds up today). Rest in Peace, Sean. You lived a fantastic life and you helped make our wishes come true."

- Edward Wallace, Staff Writer

"One doesn’t need to look to far to see Ian Fleming’s James Bond influence all around us. For me, he will always be James Bond to which all other Bond actors will be compared. My favorite Bond film is You Only Live Twice, which as a kid of Asian descent growing up in America, it was mind-boggling to see 007 fighting along side Ninjas! This film also has the first ever Asian Bond girl, Aki, played by Akiko Wakabayashi. Late in his career he would gain pop culture meme fame from SNL and Daryl Hammond’s impersonation of Connery on the Celebrity Jeopardy skits as well as films like The Rock, Hunt for Red October, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Untouchables, which he won his only Oscar, but to me he will always be Bond, James Bond."

- Tim Vo, DJ Culture Editor

"He was a staple and a constant in my life. I was disappointed when he retired. And now very sad he has passed away. I always held out hope he would return to the Bond franchise as the titular villain against the current day Bond. That would have been amazing to watch as a final performance."

- James, A Little Bit of Everything Around Here


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