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Showcase: Ryan Pasibe's 'Wolverine VS Hulk VS Wendigo'

Welcome back to our series showcasing artists from around the world, presented by Snapping Turtle Gallery. We're continuing with the talented Ryan Pasibe. Ryan is a Filipino freelance artist, with many covers and books under his belt. Ryan's Instagram here.

We're showcasing his artwork in lead up to his interview with Mikey Sutton. Today we have his amazing 'Wolverine VS Hulk VS Wendigo'!

Wolverine VS Hulk VS Wendigo is available in many sizes at Snapping Turtle Gallery, where they have hundreds of fantastic quality prints available in different sizes, stock and canvas.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more artwork by Ryan Pasibe showcased right here.

Geekosity does NOT receive any commission of sales from Snapping Turtle Gallery. We just want to showcase amazing art.


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