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'Silk' to Weave on TV

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The Spider-Verse is about to be covered in Silk.

Variety is reporting that a live-action Silk TV series is in development at Sony. If that sounds familiar, it should. I scooped the Silk show during my birthday scoop jam on May 23 with the YouTube channel Lords of the Longbox being the launch pad.

At the time, I was told Silk was being aimed for Disney+. Variety explained that Amazon is in the running to acquire the show although no deals have been finalized. Silk will be among the first of several Spider-Man spin-off TV series. Deadline added that, "Sources close to the situation cautioned that the complex talks are still in early stages and there are major issues that need to be resolved. Some of them have to do with a complicated web of multi-platform rights for the various characters. No one would comment but I hear the proposed suite of Marvel series is expected to land on a linear platform first before heading to Amazon for streaming." Phil Lord and Chris Miller of Into the Spider-Verse fame are executive producing.

Silk as a film had been previously rumored but it was in May that I received and leaked information that it was actually a TV series in the works. No matter what network it drops on, this confirms that initial report.

Based on the Korean-American superhero co-created by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos, Silk represents a significant move in bringing Asian-American characters to the Marvel fold. Tiffany Espensen played Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk, in the MCU.

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