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Sony/Marvel Deal Done. Marvel Wants Tom Holland in Secret Wars

The deal is done just as I said it would while countless rage-bait comic-book sites and YouTube shows drank the Sony Kool-Aid and thought the door was shut. As I said, the door wasn't closed; it was still open.

Sony did The Takeaway, just like I had reported. And lost. Right now, Sony is trying to present themselves as victors in their sourcing to mainstream reporters, that Marvel Studios caved in last night. No, they didn't. The 25% take from Disney wasn't what Sony wanted; they wanted to keep it at 5%, if you recall. The resulting compromise shows which side won the battle.

Disney and Sony did a short-term contract for now because of time limitations. They needed to sign Jon Watts for Spider-Man 3 immediately, and Disney insiders tell me that he was willing to walk away if the next movie wasn't set in the MCU to pick up where Far From Home left off. The script had to be written as well. It's no coincidence that it's being revealed today that Watts is in final negotiations. Remember my leak about Disney offering Nova to Watts, which would pull him away from the next Spider-Man? Completely gangsta, yes? Did it work?

Marvel Studios is seeking to have Tom Holland appear in Secret Wars. Whether this is the non-Spidey MCU film in the agreement signed by both parties last night remains to be seen, but there is no doubt by anyone on the Marvel side that Spider-Man will be in Secret Wars. Not only that, but Marvel Studios is planning on having Spider-Man in a supporting role for The Fantastic Four as Reed Richards can be Peter Parker's new mentor.

This is only the beginning. As I discussed from the beginning, the collaboration is too big to toss away. There are discussions of Disney and Sony sharing a cinematic universe, an expanded Spider-Verse if you will, of specific IPs guesting in each other's films. But, right now, it's time for a victory lap.

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