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'Suicide Squad' creator John Ostrander praises James Gunn's vision

Writer/director James Gunn shared the initial footage from his upcoming The Suicide Squad film during DC FanDome today, and while it was merely a behind-the-scenes look, the vibrant burst of color and quirky characters was immediately striking. The overall feel echoed the B-movie grit of '70s action cinema and the '80s cheese glaze of a Golan-Globus picture; in fact, my gut instinct tells me The Suicide Squad will be like a Cannon flick on LSD.

Immediately I reached out to John Ostrander, who created and wrote DC Comics' revamp of the Suicide Squad in the '80s, a consistently engaging and classic run highlighted by barbed-wire wit, brass-knuckled fights, and unyielding carnage. Gunn is a huge fan of Ostrander's take on the team; in fact, Peacemaker, played in the movie by John Cena, was from Ostrander's series. As it turns out, Ostrander has a mutual admiration for Gunn. "I'm a big fan of James Gunn!" Ostrander told me. He added that the "footage looks hot. Can't wait! I'm jazzed!"

The original Suicide Squad was the brainchild of writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru for The Brave and the Bold No. 25 in 1959. It was Ostrander in Legends No. 3 in 1987 who made over the initially heroic Squad into an expendable group of supervillains. To Ostrander, seeing characters he wrote 30 years ago on the silver screen is almost surreal."I just went out and wrote the best stories I could with a concept I really liked," he explained. "The most I hoped for was that they would be gathered together in a trade format. Didn't really think about it being a movie, let alone as high powered one as this looks to be."

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