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Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Endgame Captain America Final Battle Edition

Written By Dan Hickman • Toy Editor Writer

Welcome back to Dan’s ToyBox! I’ve got the key, so let’s pop the lock and climb into the toybox. Today’s toybox treasure is the Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Endgame Captain America Final Battle Edition. Burning with Patriotic fervor, Steve Rogers volunteered to be injected with the experimental Super Soldier Serum, giving him superhuman strength, endurance, and peak physical conditioning. Thus was born the First Avenger, Captain America! Cap faces the ultimate battle with the mad Titan, Thanos and in this bout, proves that he is worthy to wield the mighty Mjolnir. 

Thankfully, I didn’t have to thaw Cap from ice to get my hands on him. He’s out of the box and ready to fight for freedom! Let’s take a peek at him, shall we?

I was very content when I found the Walmart Exclusive “Worthy Cap” with Mjolnir and hadn’t really thought about getting this version… until I saw the accessories!

SHFiguarts definitely ALWAYS gets one thing right and that’s the outrageous amount of accessories they pack with each figure. Cap comes with three heads, one unmasked Steve Rogers, two masked heads, one with a serious expression, the other with teeth clenched. He has five pairs of hands; 2 fisted, 2 Mjolnir gripping, 2 with shield strap, 2 relaxed, and 2 shield “throwing” hands. He has one full, undamaged shield and one “half” shield, representing the damage inflicted by Thanos. Mjolnir has 3 lightning effects (one for each end of the hammer and a long one that ports into the top), 2 “folded” shield straps, 1 upper arm shield strap (to port into the back of either shield), the shield throwing accessory, and the accessory to port the shield to Cap’s back.

I must confess that I watched multiple reviews on this figure before I chose to buy it. I have a “love/hate” relationship with this figure. On the one hand, I used it for a cool stop motion video I made, battling the Marvel Legends BAF Endgame Thanos and had a LOT of fun posing it around and creating the battle. From a distance, the deco looks really good and the articulation allows for a lot of creativity in posing. On the other hand… up close, the paint deco which is designed to give the figure a dirty, battle worn appearance, looks more like dust accumulated from sitting, untouched, on a shelf for too many months. 

Cap’s paint deco is maddeningly inconsistent in terms of the idea of creating a weathered, worn look for the character, indicative of his prolonged battle with Thanos. The deep blue is muted by the “dust coating” and looks gray in some areas. The white piece around Cap’s midsection, does look reasonably soiled as it should, but the red stripes on his abs aren’t even close to being red. The “battle deco” turns the red to an almost purple hue… as if too much of the underlying blue had blended with the red. I was very disappointed with that. His belt, boots, and fingerless gloves all are accurate to the movie character and actually look good, compared with the other issues. The sculpted detail on Cap is very finely done and does give a nice look to the figure. One of the head scratchers for me was how, when the rest of the uniform is so soiled, the Avengers “A” patches on his upper arms could look so bright red… again, just inconsistent in the paint deco. The biggest problem though, with the paint on Cap and this “battle deco” is that NONE of his head sculpts are dirty on the flesh toned parts. Cap had injuries and his face was filthy with dirt and soot, but the head sculpts on this figure look like Cap hit the head and washed up before joining the fight. Additionally, while the unmasked head sculpt looks tremendous with the gold highlighted hair and very nice flesh tones… it doesn’t look like Chris Evans, when you look at it closely.

Initially, I was impressed with the sculpt until I compared it with some Marvel Legends “photorealistic” faces. While I DO like the unmasked sculpt, I wish it bore a bit better resemblance to Chris Evans. Both masked sculpts look amazing, the detail on the wings and “A” are eye catching in silver, the flesh tones look tremendous and I was unable to see, really any paint blemish or defect. That being said, I was a bit annoyed with the seam that runs right across the top of the unmasked head. Thankfully, the sculpt does hide it somewhat, but it’s still a pet peeve. The deco on both shields looks amazing, the deep reds and blue, highlighted with the silver stripe and star really look amazing and the dirt deco laid over the shield looks realistic. 

Mjolnir is one of the nicest looking that I’ve seen yet. Though smaller than its legends counterparts, the amount of detail and exactness in the sculpt and paintwork make this, to me, one of the best looking editions of Thor’s hammer that I’ve seen to date. The lightning effects are molded in a translucent blue and really pop when placed on the hammer. I absolutely love the long effect that ports into the top of Mjolnir. It starts as a bluish white at the base and turns to a darker blue as you move up, before fading and ultimately becoming translucent. I really want to see Hasbro turn out something like this for future lightning accessories. 

Captain America stands exactly at six inches tall, which will make him much shorter than a comparable Marvel Legend figure, but amazingly he scales well with the Legends BAF Endgame Armored Thanos. I had a lot of fun posing those two together.

Captain America’s articulation is, as to be expected with SH Figuarts, incredible. His head turns side to side, looks up reasonably far and down very well. Both head and neck are on ball pegs, allowing them to shift forward giving Cap more range of motion. Cap has butterfly joints at the shoulders, but my copy doesn’t have the same degree of movement as others I’ve seen. His arms raise out to his side at just about 90 degrees but the shoulders will inhibit some of this upward movement, though they do offer a full 360 degree rotation. Cap does NOT have a bicep swivel, but there is some rotation at the shoulder. He has double jointed elbows, wrist pivots and hinges that work on all five pairs of hands. He has a strong forward and backward ab crunch and waist crunch, giving him a great deal of “flexibility” however, if you bend him backward, the waist crunch will pop upward, giving Cap the appearance of having a pot belly. My figure’s waist and ab crunch are somewhat loose, but not so bad as to make posing difficult. His legs drop down at the hips and will do a less than 90 degree split. They will kick forward very well and though there is no upper thigh cut, the legs will swivel at the hips. He has double jointed knees, and my figure had relatively limited ankle movement up, down, and rocking. He also has toe articulation.

As I mentioned earlier I have a “love/hate” relationship with this figure. When I put him on display with the broken shield and the lightning effects on Mjolnir, I stare at it in awe and am super happy I spent the money on the figure. But then when I look closely and see all of my gripes, I think (and I’m being transparent here) “Well, I really did only want it for the shields and Mjolnir.”

Overall, I do like this figure enough that the positives outweigh the negatives for me. At a sale point of about $95 though, this isn’t necessarily a figure that I’d call a “must have” addition to YOUR toybox. 

Thanks for reading, make sure to visit Dan’s ToyBox on YouTube for the video version of this review, coming soon. See you next time when we root through the toybox and take a closer look at the Marvel Legends Retro Wave Spider-Man. Until then… GEEK OUT!


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