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The Black Knight to Join the Avengers

Earth's Mightiest Heroes are about to adopt a line-up change. Considering what happened after Endgame, there is no need for a spoiler warning about that. The Avengers will be minus Iron Man, the Steve Rogers Captain America, and possibly Black Widow. I've heard that Hawkeye will be retiring in his upcoming Disney+ series with Kate Bishop completely taking over. But Bishop will help form Young Avengers and not be joining this team. So when the Avengers assemble, who will be in attendance? Apparently, the New Avengers will be composed of superheroes that fit into the following: those who protect the skies and those who protect the streets. Keep in mind that "skies" here is relative as in anything beyond the terrestrial such as Doctor Strange and his multiversal, mystical adventures. For the "streets," Marvel Studios is looking to add down-to-Earth characters such as Luke Cage, Moon Knight, and later on, Daredevil. Of course, Spider-Man will be part of this as well. Not every superhero who appears in an Avengers film will be on the team so expect a roster that continually refreshes itself. Potential members being discussed include the Black Knight, Ironheart, and Nova. There have also been whispers about about a West Coast Avengers led by the Vision with the Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Ant-Man.

Just as in previous installments, each Avenger serves a purpose. Until scripts are written, members won't be solidified yet but the Black Knight, whom Marvel Studios has high hopes for with The Eternals, is looking like a sure thing.

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