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The Chameleon (and More?) in Spider-Man 3

Now that the dispute between Sony and Disney over Spider-Man in the MCU has been happily resolved, the focus is on filming Spider-Man 3 or, more specifically, scripting the movie. The origin of the following scoop is not new, so whether changes will be made after the new agreement remains to be seen. After all, this wasn't solidified back then, either. There were discussions on having the Chameleon be the villain in the third MCU Spider-Man flick.

The plan, it seems, is to have the movie be about a tale of identities -- the hero whose identity is revealed and the villain who steals identities. Marvel Studios sees this as the darkest of the three films with a slightly more grown-up Peter Parker who has experienced so much already and is about to go through a harrowing personal journey at home. Most likely, the Chameleon will be pretending to be either Parker and/or Spider-Man, causing much havoc.

Whether the Chameleon will be affiliated with Dimitri in Far From Home remains to be seen but I strongly believe that was simply misdirection. (It's just coincidence?)

But will it just be the Chameleon? Watch Lords of The Long Box

for Part II of this news live at 5 p.m. PST today as the third act looks to involve Parker's green-skinned attorney against another powerful foe. (Updated with video below.) These talks were early so let's see what ends up staying as the script is just being written. How will it be?

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