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The Defenders to Return on FX

After the Netflix freeze is over, The Defenders - all of the specific shows -- will awaken from suspended animation on FX, at least for first-run episodes.

First, I need to clarify a few items. Netflix does not own these shows nor these versions of the characters, which are, tweaked or not, based on Marvel Comics. Rather, they own and have exclusive rights to broadcast the seasons they paid for, all of which are currently streaming. That's all. Once the restriction has expired two years following the cancellation of the specific programs, Disney can revive the shows. But why FX?

Disney's Kevin A. Meyer and Hulu's Craig Erwich both publicly addressed the possible return of these shows on Disney+ and Hulu. *Why would anyone doubt this after all that?* If you did not see your favorite comics site running those facts into the ground, it's because they don't want to see you happy; the more enraged and upset you are, the more you will click and share, adding to their revenue streams. Disney owns FX now, and they want MCU content on their channels.

FX is becoming renowned for dark, extremely violent material. F-BOMBs dropped continually. The gritty, crime-infested pieces of the show fits the FX puzzle with Hulu focusing on horror for Marvel.

The current plan is to make episodes debut on FX initially and then make them binge-able later on Hulu.

Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb said a few months ago that he is planning on bringing back the old crews depending on their availability. There is no recasting or rebooting even being discussed. These were successful programs, and there's more to Netflix's "cancellations" then what is brought to the surface (you want me to do that, huh?) As these shows do not follow the fall debut schedules of network series, there is more flexibility of time with the actors (a greater concern are the showrunners, who may have signed exclusive deals elsewhere by then.)

Marvel has a "if it ain't broke, don'f fix it" attitude with returning properties. (Yet people still question *Deadpool* being R-rated in the MCU even if Bob Iger said it would be. (Release it under the Fox banner, and there you go.)

Don't let the comics sites lie to you or mislead you. Some of what I'm reporting here was already hinted at or discussed **in plain sight** by Loeb and Disney folks. Straight up.

As for the "back issues" on Netflix, sources tell me it's a matter of time before Disney buys them. Having new episodes of the Defenders on FX will hurt Netflix because anyone seeing those programs on Netflix for the first time will then want to subscribe to Hulu to binge the latest seasons. Common sense. Besides, the viewership on those programs have gone steadily down. Netflix wants to focus on their own IPs. The Marvel packages are like love letters from an ex. And, no, I refuse to believe any Netflix "won't ever sell them back" rumors. Everyone has a price. And I'm sure comics sites will run bogus stories on that to piss you off.

I'm not here to piss you off. I'm here to help enlighten and clear the bullshit that corrodes the comics web. And if I piss off any site owners who are in it to jab you for ad revenue, my punk roots will gleefully indulge in the mayhem. *If the kids are united, we'll never be divided.*

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